Upgrade 4th February 2015 - Microsoft Dynamics added to program extensions

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 4th Febuary 2015 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Program extensions: Microsoft Dynamics now available

Following the launch of program extensions two weeks ago, we're pleased to say it now also supports Microsoft Dynamics. This means if you have an active Microsoft Dynamics account, then you can create a lead or a contact within your Dynamics CRM via a program action.

Microsoft Dynamics joins the existing extensions supported - Salesforce, Dynmark, Twilio and dotmailer, whilst of course custom extensions can also be added.   

Program extension request retries

We've also now added automatic retries after a program extension request fails. After a request to an endpoint fails, the retry will occur an hour later, and will continue to occur every hour until the request is successful, up to a maximum of five retries. After five retries, the request won't be attempted again.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • An issue with new images not loading into the survey and forms editor immediately after upload has been addressed with a provisional beta fix 
  • A rare reporting issue has been fixed in connection to unticked checkboxes which have been added to questions, after response data for the survey has already begun to come in
  • When deleting a survey, the warning message that appears was stating the survey's name twice; this is no longer the case
  • When configuring a program delay with a delay type other than ‘Wait a set number of days’ selected, clicking ‘Fewer options’ would result in the loss of that selection; this is no longer the case
  • There was an issue in which some programs that were converted from classic triggers failed to execute; this has now been fixed
  • An issue has been fixed whereby clicking on the ‘Campaign settings’ button in the campaign setup details page resulted in a refresh in IE8 and IE9 
  • The deletion of a program could, in certain circumstances, fail; this has been resolved
  • Choosing a link from a campaign’s reporting overview screen was resulting in a 500 error; this no longer happens
  • An issue has been fixed in relation to program dependencies, which was preventing the deletion of some entities such as extension profiles, campaigns and address books
  • An entity contained within a folder (a campaign, address book, etc.) couldn’t be moved into the root folder; they can now
  • A personalisation issue relating to link tracking has been fixed
  • When editing a program and then saving it, the ‘Date modified’ wasn’t updating as expected; it does now
  • A rare issue has been fixed in which a couple of scheduled campaigns were sent out twice
  • Personalisation markers in subject lines weren’t working correctly if the marker was the very first word in the line and the recipient’s contact data field was blank; this has been resolved
  • When making repeated use of ‘Edit document HTML’ to edit the HTML of a block within a campaign, EasyEditor would get slower; this has been rectified
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