Upgrade 18th February 2015 - Magento and Lob added as program extensions, plus transactional email (beta)

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 18th February 2015 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Program extensions: Magento and Lob now available


Magento and Lob have been added as program extensions. This means if you have an active an active Magento account you can subscribe a contact to your eCommerce store via a program action, and if you have an active Lob account you can send a contact a postcard.

These join the other extensions we support - Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Dynmark, Twilio and dotmailer, whilst of course custom extensions can also be added.  

Microsoft Dynamics: Support for Azure-based authentication 

Azure-abased authentication with the Microsoft Dynamics program extension is now supported. This means you can use a CRM Online installation with authentication, as well as an on-premises (IFD) installation.

Transactional email (beta)

You can become a beta user of our newly launched transactional email functionality. You'lll need to get in touch with your account manager to enable this, however.

Our transactional email function enables you to send your administrative and operational-based email (in short, your non-bulk email) to contacts via our transactional email API, allowing you to then manage and track your transactional email using the platform.

Transactional email can be sent via either SMTP or our API v2. 


Copy templates from 'More actions' dropdown 

Have you ever wished you could just click a button and copy a template? If so, we've made your wish come true! You can now select a template on the 'My templates' page and click on the new option Copy template from the More actions dropdown. 


Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • We’ve updated the available email clients that are part of our inbox and spam filter testing partnership with Litmus, to align with the email clients they continue to support
  • The ‘Unique opens’ chart could sometimes error when opened; this has now been fixed
  • An issue that was affecting a particular domain suppression has been rectified
  • The date picker for the custom filter function in the campaign reporting overview page was only displaying Mondays through to Saturdays; Sundays have been reinstated
  • Some users were experiencing errors when trying to view the ‘Page views’ report; this is no longer the case
  • Some users may have been seeing errors on template library pages; these no longer happen
  • Some ‘Unique opens’ report exports had been failing; this issue has been fixed
  • It was possible for a managed user without send permissions to still send a campaign; this is no longer the case
  • An issue with dependencies between programs and address books on program validation has been fixed
  • Inconsistent date formatting within the program builder has now been corrected
  • Some issues with missing Spanish translations within the application interface have been rectified
  • There was an issue which could cause the copying of a campaign to error; this has now been prevented
  • In the admin section, searching on new accounts was working on the first attempt but not after that, unless the browser was continually refreshed; this issue has been fixed
  • An isolated issue in which a program’s delays didn’t work as expected has been fixed
  • SagePay transactions were failing if the first name entry was too long; this no longer happens as validation has been added
  • Using a maximum wait time in a decision node for a program was not working as expected; it is now
  • An issue with the setting up of classic dynamic content within the classic editor has been fixed
  • A fix has been implemented for an issue with custom Google Analytics link tracking values
  • When using the API v1 to get reporting data for a main account, reporting data from managed accounts was also being returned; this has been fixed and can no longer happen
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