Upgrade 24th June 2015 - 'Display account time in header' is now a main account setting

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 24th June 2015 provides one account setting change, plus fixes for around 30 bugs:

  • The 'Display account time in header' setting that managed users could set for their account has now been converted into a main account setting instead, accessible under 'Features' in 'Account settings'. When this is set, any of the account's managed users will also see the main account time positioned in the top left of the application header. Any accounts with this enabled for one or more of their managed users now also has it enabled.

  • An EasyEditor issue in which images wouldn’t resize correctly when placed within a column; this has been fixed
  • It was possible for a user’s program extension profile to become stuck in a processing state; this can no longer happen

  • There was an issue which meant not all users were getting campaign replies successfully forwarded to them; they do again now

  • Some minor layout and display issues were also fixed throughout the application

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