Upgrade 5th August 2015 - dotmailer 15three has launched!

The highlights of dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 5th Augustl 2015 are as follows:

Welcome to dotmailer15three!

We're delighted to announce the release of dotmailer15three. For full details, read our launch blog.

However, here's a brief overview:

Lead scoring

Our new lead scoring feature will allow you to create rules to score and rank your contacts against a scale that you create, based on your contacts' engagement with you and the data you hold on them.

Read the documentation.

Landing pages

You can now create, publish and manage great looking landing pages, using EasyEditor, without needing any HTML skills!

Read the documentation.

Advanced personalisation

Advanced personalisation is our powerful new scripting language, using Liquid. It can display and make logical decisions in your content based on all sorts of information held against a contact as well as against an account (see AccountInsight below).

Advanced personalisation can be applied to the HTML contents of an email and a landing page.

The scripting language can be added directly into HTML, or EasyEditor building blocks can be used.

Read the documentation.


AccountInsight provides the ability to store 'Insight data' against an account rather than contacts. This can then be used in advanced personalisation to display and make logical decisions in content based upon catalogue data, or store information, for example.

Read the documentation.

Program annotations

You can now drag and drop 'Text labels' into programs. Add notes as well as position, resize and style the boxes. This is a handy aid for collaborative working.

Account settings changes

We've reorganised the account settings area. We wanted to tidy it up and improve things. Mouse over ‘Hi [your name]!’ in the top right corner of the application and you’ll notice some changes.

‘Account’ is now where you can see an overview of the account's current plan details, usage (including API and data storage), additional charges and available credits. Furthermore, there are tabs where you can make updates to yourcontact details (including billing address), access your account settings, SMS settings, and view and pay any outstanding invoices.

If you get the AccountInsight module, then you'll also see a new option on the menu called ‘Insight data'. This is where you'll be able to view your AccountInsight records.

dotmailer for Magento v5.0.0 now available

Lots of new features and improvements in the new dotmailer for Magento release. Check out the release notes.  

Other improvements

  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • We've also fixed several bugs
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