Upgrade 14th October 2015 - Resubscribe contacts within the application

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 14th October 2015 includes:

  • You can now resubscribe contacts directly within the app by going to Contacts > Suppressed contacts, selecting the suppressed contact or contacts you wish to resubscribe, and then clicking on Resubscribe from the More actions section.

    The contacts will be sent a resubscribe confirmation email, unless they were suppressed directly, in which case they'll be resubscribed straightaway.
  • Managed users can can now reset their password if they've forgotten it, or if they've become locked after entering it too many times. The days of having to contact support to do this are no more!
  • When editing an address book to add a join/unsubscribe action, you'll find a new Explore button at your disposal. This will allow you to open a side panel and find, preview and select a triggered campaign within a folder to use, providing a much friendlier experience.
  • Several bugs have been fixed too.
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