Upgrade 17th September 2014 — EasyEditor's now even quicker!

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 17th September 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

EasyEditor's never been quicker!

A fortnight ago, we were delighted to say EasyEditor had become quicker to use, thanks to work we'd put into general speed and performance improvements. That was just the first phase of the mission though. Now we're pleased to say we've completed the second phase, meaning we've enhanced speed and performance yet again. We hope you'll be pleased with the difference, which should be more apparent when working on more complex campaigns.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • In EasyEditor, the 'My building blocks' accordion is now always visible in the side panel; some users weren't spotting this functionality 
  • More report charts have now been replaced with newer, non-Flash alternatives
  • Some deleted CIM collections would still display within the segment builder; this no longer happens
  • Recent link support optimisation within EasyEditor has improved the handling of anchors too
  • When resizing editable columns in a campaign in EasyEditor, clicking ‘Undo’ could cause an error; this has been fixed
  • A translation issue affecting the layout of the program builder’s enrolment configuration panel has been rectified
  • Scheduled email reports didn’t used to include join or unsubscribe emails that had been sent; this has now been fixed
  • Test sending validation wasn’t working to inform users when they hadn’t selected any contacts; this is working again
  • An issue with dynamic content saving stability has been fixed
  • In some rare cases, users were getting a 500 error page when viewing the campaign overview; this no longer happens
  • In reporting, a calendar control has now been added to the ‘Last opened date’ custom filter to avoid invalid dates being used
  • Dynamic content can no longer be added to a campaign with a variation applied, without having firstly created a rule for it
  • The link manager ‘Insert’ function wasn’t working when attempting to overwrite an existing URL; now it does
  • A dynamic content issue has been fixed in EasyEditor in which, in certain cases, variations could be switched between but the title would not change accordingly
  • Some users were experiencing issues in various parts of the app where contacts are displayed, due to legacy code/data connected to contact notes; this has now been addressed
  • The classic editor’s image manager wasn’t rendering well in Firefox; it does now
  • In the geo-mapping report section, users could still pick non-text data fields as postcode fields; this is no longer possible
  • Paging through a list of sent SMS campaigns now works as expected; previously it didn’t
  • After inactivity, the option to 'Keep me logged in' wasn’t working as expected when clicked; now it does
  • Our redesign, which was launched on 9th July, still had a minor display issue on a menu which has now been fixed
  • Some SMS delivery receipts were being ignored and thus not reported, although the sends were being received; this has now been fixed
  • The API ResubscribeContact method could error with a null reference; this can no longer happen
  • The editability of complex reusable building blocks (‘My building blocks’) dragged into a campaign has been improved
  • The account activity page could show headers for disabled features; this has been fixed
  • Very large bulk contact data update tasks could fail owing to timing out; a fix has now been implemented
  • After deleting a created contact data field, default contact data fields were becoming available for deletion; this has been fixed
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