Upgrade 1st October 2014 — Changes to segment refreshes, and EasyEditor enhancements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 1st October 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Segment refreshing has changed

We've changed the way segments refresh.

  • Segments will now only refresh when manually requested to do so
  • You will be able to schedule a segment refresh with a scheduled send


Until now we've had an odd mix of some segments automatically refreshing every time a contact is edited, and others not. If you created an automatically refreshing segment and checked its membership, they would need to convert it to an address book if they wanted to be sure it wouldn't change.

This change gives you more control over when segments refresh, and makes them more predictable, although it is a change from the way you may be used to segments behaving.

Segments are also used in tools such as triggers, and the program builder. Segments used for automation will continue to refresh automatically at the appropriate time.

This is all part of our improving the segmentation and automation capabilities and ensuring the data in dotmailer is available when you need it.

EasyEditor enhancements

We've been able to work on more enhancements for EasyEditor. These include:

  • RSS interface improvements - there is now a side panel for RSS settings, with a new option to set the item's title as a link. This is precursor to another RSS update coming very soon...setting an RSS feed to update when resending a campaign, ensuring the latest feed is always included. Watch this space on that one!
  • Minor design updates to toolbars
  • More speed improvements
  • And general bug fixes (see under 'Other improvements' for details)

Plus there's been a Magento connector upgrade...

Yes, a new Magento connector version has also been released today, featuring some great new functionality and a number of bug fixes. Check out the release notes over at http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/email-marketing-dotmailer.html

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • Following our redesign, which was launched on 9th July, we've consolidated this with improvements to spinners, progress bars, etc.
  • In certain cases, it appeared possible to delete a collection of Customer Insight data used in a segment rule without the dependency being raised; this has been fixed
  • An issue has been fixed which was causing some sends to get stuck in the ‘Outbox’ without completing
  • It was possible to get a campaign into a situation in which it had dynamic content relying on a contact data label that no longer existed; this can no longer happen
  • In the admin area, the credit options validation now works correctly in relation to the decimal separator for Spanish accounts
  • For express payments, contact plans are now correct, only showing the current currency bands
  • New wording now makes it clearer which password is being asked for when managed users with full permissions try to remove all contacts from their managing account
  • The account comparison report export was being generated as misaligned; this has now been fixed
  • No warning was displaying when trying to copy a segment to an address book without having selected an address book; the warning is now back
  • Clicking the ‘Keep me logged in’ button on the session timeout warning in Chrome wasn’t doing anything; it now works as expected
  • The express payment confirmation screen in Spanish still contained some English words; these have now been localised
  • REST API v2 operations for GetCampaignActivities and GetCampaignClicks have been optimised to avoid possible timeouts
  • On the ‘Resubscribe settings’ page, a couple of issues have been fixed in connection to the logo size and when saving the logo
  • The program enrolment rule refreshes have been optimised, greatly increasing their speed
  • Success when uploading a logo for a printed report has now been made more obvious; previously it wasn’t so clear
  • On the ‘Edit contact’ page, dates and times for Customer Insight data weren’t being converted into the time zone of the account; this now happens
  • ‘Page views’ was showing in reporting, even when the permission was hidden; this no longer happens
  • Under ‘List Contacts’, an account’s time zone wasn’t being correctly applied to dates and times in non-default contact data fields; this is no longer the case
  • The API was failing to create a new contact with a newly created contact data field; this has now been fixed
  • When filtering on the keyword clicks report, the error page could sometimes appear; this no longer happens
  • The close button for the Image manager wasn’t available when viewed in a minimised browser; now it is
  • A fix has been implemented in EasyEditor to stop the editing of links in creative split tests breaking links in other versions
  • On the account activity report, the date picker would allow an invalid date range to be selected; this has been fixed
  • An issue has been fixed in which EasyEditor was inserting multiple BR tags upon pressing 'Enter'
  • Thumbnail previews of templates were not displaying in the ‘Free templates’ screen for a time; they do now
  • All contact data fields were appearing as sortable, whilst not being so; they now no longer appear as sortable again
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure clicking on ‘Inbox and spam filter test results’ > ‘Spam filter’ tab doesn’t result in a 500 page error
  • Account specified time zones are now applied to date and times in the current month activity report, as opposed to using UTC
  • In rare cases, dynamic content was being deleted after saving campaigns without having made any changes to them; this has been fixed
  • In EasyEditor, clicking the 'Variations' dropdown arrow in a dynamic content block now produces the variations box again; this had stopped working
  • The transactional segment builder was listing deleted collection names; this no longer happens
  • There used to be no limit on the length of a string contained within a segment rule, which could potentially cause problems; this has been addressed
  • There were instances of the spam checking page confusingly showing both pass and fail messages; this can no longer happen
  • A typo has been corrected under ‘Campaigns’ > ‘Advanced features’ > ‘From addresses’
  • A fix has been implemented for a certain scenario in which unlinking an image in EasyEditor could fail
  • Adding an anchor to an image in EasyEditor wasn’t working; it does again now
  • For a very brief period, EasyEditor was incorrectly adjusting the font size of an image’s text; this has now been fixed
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