Upgrade 15th October 2014 - Changes to link tracking in external dynamic content blocks

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 15th October 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Link tracking in external dynamic content blocks for Google Analytics users

It's good news if your dotmailer account is configured with Google Analytics! If so, then external links in external dynamic content blocks are now rewritten to have Google Analytics tracking information appended to them.

This means you can now get a full link tracking picture from external dynamic content campaigns.   

Set RSS feeds to refresh when resending campaigns

You can now tick a checkbox in the side panel to ensure any RSS feeds in your campaign are refreshed with the latest content if the campaign is resent. This keeps content in your campaigns as relevant as possible. The enhancement follows on, as promised, from the initial work on RSS interface improvements completed in the last upgrade.  

Now you can 'search' in even more places 

Search boxes have been added in areas of the application that didn't use to have them, such as 'Campaigns', 'Reporting' and when selecting a template.

Changes for improved CASL compliance 

A few changes have been introduced to make it easier to comply with CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation). You can read more about them on our blog, but briefly:

  • A new 'Last subscribed' field has been added for contacts, in all accounts. This will allow for establishing when a contact subscribed or last resubscribed. For contacts that subscribed prior to 15th October 2014, 'Unknown' will be displayed. For more on this, read our blog article.
  • A new 'Description' field has been added when generating a signup form, so you can express the purpose for consent 
  • The default unsubscribe page has been reworded to be more explicit in what it does (which makes it more CASL-friendly)

New DeleteCampaign API method/op 

A new DeleteCampaign method/op has been added to the API. This will act in just the same way, and have the same impact, as deleting a campaign via the app. This will help with automated ‘housekeeping’ of accounts.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • It's now possible to refresh a segment within the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' screen, immediately prior to a send
  • Selection behaviour has been made consistent across all areas of the app
  • Default program limits for all accounts is 25 (unless more have been paid for)
  • For reseller admin users, finding the footer editing page is now easier
  • For reseller users with a login problem, it's easier to find a support number to call
  • Renaming a program was causing all underlying segments associated with the start and decision nodes to be deleted; this has been fixed
  • Some users were experiencing an error page when going to their Google Analytics report; this has now been fixed
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure certain pieces of dynamic content don’t fail to load
  • A misaligned box within the Express payments confirmation page has been corrected
  • Some bulk contact data update tasks were timing out; a fix has been implemented to ensure this no longer happens
  • The preview option in the contact activity report now works as expected again; previously it wasn’t
  • When deleting a classic trigger, event trigger segment dependencies were not being deleted with it; now they are
  • The Customer Insight Module usage statistics page has been fixed; previously it wasn’t working
  • Managed users who weren’t template administrators were still able to edit templates; they are no longer able to do so
  • After creating a new contact, the button to take you back to the address book wasn’t working as expected; this has been corrected 
  • The Spanish resubscription email contained an incorrect translation, which has now been corrected
  • The template uploader wasn't accepting .jpeg file extensions; it does now
  • Links can now be added within Classic Editor once again; previously this hadn’t been working
  • The ability to choose dynamic subject lines and ‘from’ names from the campaign setup screen was not working; this has now been fixed
  • Users were being taken to Classic Editor when clicking the ‘Back’ button on the screen to create a plain text version of an email; this no longer happens 
  • An issue has been fixed in which folders couldn’t be found or clicked on within the document manager 
  • The style of the program deactivation notification message was incorrect; this has been fixed
  • When sending to all contacts using a prepay account, the incorrect number of emails was given on the send summary page; this is no longer the case
  • The text at the beginning of a forwarded reply email was not being translated into the account’s language; now they are
  • The text inside the dynamic content variations dropdown list was in the previously used font face of Trebuchet MS; this has now been updated to Arial
  • Images in resubscribe emails weren’t embedded, which meant sometimes they wouldn’t display; now they are embedded
  • Account email challenge/IP challenge emails were incorrect in non-English versions; this has now been fixed 
  • It wasn’t possible to remove an address book dependency when changing a program rule from 'present in specific address book' to 'present in any address book'; now it is 
  • Direct program enrolments added via the API containing null values in either ‘Contacts’ or ‘Address books’ were causing exceptions; this has been fixed 
  • It’s no longer possible to double-click when creating an address book via the geographical queries function; this had been causing conflicts
  • It was possible to double-click and open two instances of image manager within EasyEditor; this has been fixed 
  • Custom contact data fields were sortable on the ‘List Contacts’ page despite being incorrect functionality, so it’s subsequently been disabled 
  • The app’s new style yellow information boxes that appear in various places were missing their icon; this is no longer the case 
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