Upgrade 29th October 2014 - Change line height in EasyEditor, plus some Insight data improvements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 29th October 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:


EasyEditor now lets you control the line height of text

Based on your feedback, you can now change the line height of text in EasyEditor. This can be done by clicking on the new line height icon in the text ribbon, which allows selection of a default height or to set a custom height. 

Insight data improvements

If you use Insight data, we've made some improvements to the interface and to how Insight data works:

  • If you have less than five Insight data collections, individual collections are now listed under 'Data' in the segment builder for dragging and dropping in. If you have five or more collections then you'll still see 'Transactional data' under 'Data' which will need to be dragged and dropped in, whilst the individual collection will need to be selected from the modal's dropdown, as was the case prior to this update.
  • In Contacts > Advanced Feature > Insight data, you can edit your Insight data properties to set an automatic data expiry time (for example, delete data one month after purchase date) to ensure your database remains uncluttered, freeing up storage space
  • You can now segment data using the comparison operator 'starts with'
  • Clicking on a contact's Insight data no longer reloads the whole page, which wasn't ideal
  • All references (in-app and in the admin console) have changed to GB, not MB
  • Some other bugs and styling issues have been fixed

Take random samples from address books

We've made it possible to generate a random sample from a address books and segments allowing, for example, follow-ups to campaigns to be done randomly.

Send time optimisation (beta) can now be enabled

When sending a campaign, you can now enable a new 'send time optimisation' option from Account settings > Features. Selecting this means your contacts' historical open behaviour (over the last 90 days) will be analysed, timing emails to reach inboxes when they're most likely to be read. As a result, optimised campaigns can take up to 24 hours to finish sending.

You'll also note that we've ever so slightly tweaked this area of the interface, removing the old toggle button to replace it with 'Immediately', 'Scheduled' and 'Optimised (beta)' radio buttons.

We hope you find this new beta feature useful, and we'll be analysing its usage. Please let us know your feedback on it.

API calls for surveys and forms (beta)

New API calls for surveys and forms are now available in beta, thus they may as yet be subject to change. They include (in SOAP format):

  • GetSurveyById
  • GetSurveyFields
  • GetSurveyResponses
  • GetSurveyResponsesWithActivitySinceDate
  • GetSurveys
  • GetSurveysWithActivitySinceDate

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • We've improved our autofill style for longer strings
  • Renaming has been moved to the 'More actions' dropdown and this is consistent across all areas of the app
  • The 'Delete' link underneath templates on the 'My templates' page has been converted into a 'Delete' button
  • As found in the rest of the app, a logout option is now also available in the surveys and forms menu that appears when mousing over 'Hi [your name]!' in the top right corner
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • Domain renewal reminder emails sent out by our system were missing company logo images; this is no longer the case
  • Some issues with the display of help icons in transactional data modals have been fixed
  • Some colour contrast display issues have been fixed for the current month activity page
  • The sending screen could look badly formatted at a certain point during a send; this has been fixed
  • EasyEditor didn’t accept Atom feeds when added to the RSS feed block; it does now
  • An issue involving poor colour contrast within the EasyEditor document link picker has been fixed
  • The program builder’s ‘Advanced view’ button was not in its correct position within the configuration panel; it is again now
  • Building blocks weren’t saving or working when created from transient dynamic content (dynamic content that isn’t saved before being deleted); this has now been fixed
  • The ‘Emails sent’ report could give a different total to that in the overview page, due to figures being pulled from different database tables; this has now been fixed
  • In the segment builder, address book IDs now clear upon changing a rule from 'in/not in specific address books' to 'in any address book'; previously they weren’t and this was causing issues
  • The images on/off toggle on the campaign preview window wasn’t working correctly; it does again now
  • Some display issues have been fixed in the segment builder, such as certain dropdown selectors that weren’t wide enough and obscured the text they contained
  • The summary page still had a ‘Set as a standard campaign’ button available for triggered campaign types which has now been removed; switching a campaign type from triggered to standard is not supported by the platform
  • The Spanish translation of ‘Enable send throttling’ was incorrect but has now been updated
  • The program statistics panel had a number of design and layout issues which have now been fixed
  • An issue affecting the successful deletion of contact data fields has been resolved
  • It was the case that users weren’t able to GSL (Global Suppression List) scan all contacts; this can be now done again
  • An issue with domain renewals has been fixed in which the list of available countries was not complete
  • It was possible to send a template via the API, which placed the template into an invalid state; this can no longer be done
  • Creating a template from a campaign could fail in some instances; this has now been fixed
  • Under ‘My reports’, when selecting campaigns and then choosing to tag them from ‘More actions’, the page simply refreshed; this now works again
  • Sending a campaign to a single contact was producing a 500 error page if the contact failed to load; this has been fixed
  • Clicking more than once on SMS validation could cause error messages but this has now been prevented
  • Users are now notified when a non-existent contact data field is found upon validating a piece of dynamic content; previously an error was silently logged
  • Sometimes users would get a 500 error page when comparing campaigns; this now been fixed
  • Sometimes campaigns could fail to save via the classic editor; this issue has now been fixed
  • An issue has been fixed with enabling/disabling split testing in the campaign setup screen on subject lines only
  • It was the case that the page listing a user’s current dependencies could error if they had a corrupt dependency in their account, preventing them from viewing their current dependencies; this has been fixed
  • It is no longer possible to create an account via the API using an invalid TimeZone ID
  • A modification has been implemented to safeguard against instances of failed SMS sends
  • Campaign selections under ‘My campaigns’ didn’t used to clear when changing to another tab (such as between ‘Sent’ and ‘Unsent), which could lead to confusion; this has now been fixed
  • Copying a link from a campaign and pasting it into another area of the campaign resulted in the URL changing to a dotmailer anchor link; this is no longer the case
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