Upgrade 12th November 2014 - Google+, YouTube and Vimeo now available as 'Social links'

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 12th November 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

New networks added to 'Social links' in EasyEditor

 You can now link from campaigns directly to your profile at the following social networks:

  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

These join Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter among the choices available.

Classic trigger changes

There have been a couple of changes made to classic triggers, ahead of our planned retirement of classic triggers across all accounts on 7th January 2015:

  • You can convert a classic trigger to a program: The 'Triggered campaigns' page now has an option that allows a user to convert a classic trigger into a program automatically. The classic trigger will still remain and won't be deleted (as yet).
  • 'My triggers (classic)' option is hidden for all accounts that don't have any: Users without a classic trigger will no longer see the option under 'Automation'.

Surveys and forms improvements

We've introduced performance gains for complex or multi-page surveys. We hope you'll notice the difference!

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • CopyKat, within surveys and forms, now loads in our Magento, Salesforce and Dynamics connectors; previously it didn't
  • Some users were experiencing problems when attempting to save segments but this has now been fixed
  • A modification has been implemented to improve the layout of various templates when making use of the ‘Do not stack content on mobile device’ option
  • There were instances of sends which were cancelled mid-send that didn’t create sent/unsent address books; this has been rectified
  • An issue has been fixed which was causing autocomplete to timeout for larger Insight data collections in the segment builder
  • An issue that was causing empty Insight collections to be hidden from view, which meant they couldn’t be deleted, has been fixed
  • Some poor formatting regarding some split testing text displayed in the Outbox has now been fixed
  • On the contact import screen, clicking ‘First row contains column names’ wasn’t working; it does now
  • An issue in which inbox previews were failing has been fixed
  • The date range picker could be set to invalid dates and times; this has been fixed
  • It wasn’t possible to edit a template which had got into a state of having a null subject line; this issue has now been fixed
  • Campaigns using dynamic content for subject lines didn’t feature the correct subject line for the HTML page title when the ‘View in browser’ link is used; this is now supported
  • A rare issue that could adversely affect image selection in EasyEditor has been fixed
  • A rare issue that could adversely affect working in the segment builder has been fixed
  • Our inbox and spam filter testing now supports iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • The window for bulk updating contacts in segments was not working correctly; it does again now
  • In reporting, mail clients with an unknown mail client version were being excluded; now they’re included despite an unknown version number
  • The accuracy of unique user click throughs compared to unique opens has been optimised in reporting
  • The template importer didn’t recognise all valid EasyEditor classes, which meant some were being incorrectly flagged as invalid; this has now been updated
  • Previewing a campaign wasn’t working after a campaign search on the ‘My campaigns’ page; it does again now
  • An issue has been fixed which was preventing sending a campaign to a single contact from working correctly
  • Certain pages within the app errored when users attempted to save invalid phone numbers; this is now handled more elegantly
  • A modification has been implemented to safeguard against optimised campaigns sending more than one email per campaign to the same contact (
  • A small amount of users were affected by upgrade charges not showing on their send summary page, which caused a problem; this has been fixed
  • In the Outbox, the split testing tooltip was incorrectly displaying for a scheduled send; the tooltips have now been fixed
  • In EasyEditor, images dragged and dropped into a text box disappeared upon changing font properties on the contained text; this issue has been fixed
  • A certain campaign query could time out; a fix has now been implemented to resolve this
  • A modification has been implemented to safeguard against a rare scenario in which a sent campaign could have a missing image
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