Upgrade 26th November 2014 - Folder support and program builder enhancements available in beta

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 26th November 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Folder support (beta)

folder_support.pngYou'll find that folder support has now been added within most areas of the application. Folders can be created, nested, renamed or deleted, and address books, campaigns, templates, segments and programs can be moved into target folders by selecting the Move address books option from the More options dropdown.

This gives you the ability to organise your account according to your business model.

Please note that this feature is in beta. It doesn't need to be turned on and enabled at all, however, so you'll find it immediately available. As it's in beta, its overall functionality isn't complete yet and will be subject to further changes and enhancements before we fully release it.

Program builder enhancements (beta) 

There are two exciting new program builder enhancements, both of which are being released as beta features (they will need to be enabled in Account settings):

Program-wide exclusion rules (beta)  

We've provided the ability to set up program-wide exclusion rules, meaning contacts can easily be excluded at any step in a program.

Previously if you wanted to exclude a contact from a program, you'd have to to add a decision before every campaign send - 'Contact is still valid for program?'. However, that clearly wasn't ideal or convenient.

Exit conditions can now be created per program for removal of contacts from the program if they meet the set criteria. 

Update a contact data field from a program (beta)  

You can now update contact data fields as a program action. Provided the contact within the program performs a certain action, such as clicking a specific link for instance, then a contact data field or subscription can be directly updated, edited, incremented or renewed as a result. This comes in the form of a new node type Update contact that can be dragged in.

Mobile responsive surveys and forms (beta) 

All surveys and forms are now responsive by default. Although you were able to choose the width of a survey, it was always fixed width. Now they work on any device, which is great news.

It's a beta release but it doesn't need to be turned on or enabled at all. 

Address book subscriber notifications 

You now have the ability to sign up for either instant or daily subscription summary notifications relating to an address book. This allows you to be notified of an address book's growth from the previous day or as soon as a new subscriber is added or joins. Click on the property icon of an address book, tick Show advanced options and click on the Notifications tab, which is where the email address that is to be notified can be added.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • Child account owners are now updated when the parent account is assigned and synchronised with CRM
  • When uploading an Excel document containing contacts to an address book, hidden worksheets are now ignored
  • When looking at inbox preview results, on occasion some incorrect icons were appearing on the mail client dropdown list; this has been fixed
  • A fix has been implemented to prevent a rare issue resulting in dynamic content being missing from a campaign
  • A display issue relating to an incorrect header size within the ‘My programs’ area has been rectified
  • Line alignment was off within the ‘Performance comparison overview’ report; this has been fixed
  • The scrollbar wasn’t available in the program builder screen when viewed in a smaller browser size (such as 1038 x 678); this no longer happens
  • A ‘state’ is no longer required in the address when purchasing a Mexican domain
  • When exporting a large address book, the export progress spinner would disappear after a while, with no confirmation provided as to when the export had completed; this has been fixed
  • In the EasyEditor social sharing and social links blocks, the LinkedIn icon was the old version but has now been updated
  • Users were experiencing errors when attempting to copy campaigns to templates; this no longer happens
  • Insight data imports are now cancellable, if required; previously they weren’t and in certain scenarios this could cause problems
  • Reversing a suppressed contact in the app wasn’t working and the contact remained suppressed; this has now been fixed
  • An issue in which users’ time zones are not being taken into account on campaign reporting graphs has now been fixed
  • If a contact import used a header row in order to auto-map contact data fields, the exported faults file would list column headers as an invalid email address; this has been corrected
  • Under ‘Customer service address’ in the ‘Account settings’ area, the ‘States’ dropdown list featured incorrect alphabetical ordering; this is no longer the case
  • The function to remove all contacts from an account wasn’t working; it does again now
  • The API v1 UpdateContact method/operation was performing a case-sensitive comparison on existing contacts, which was incorrect and causing issues; this has now been fixed
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