Supported browsers for using Engagement Cloud


We regularly look at the browsers Engagement Cloud is used on. Taking into account the usage, we categorise each browser as Priority 1, Priority 2, or not supported. 

We operate on these principles: 

  • Engagement Cloud should work without issue in Priority 1 browsers
  • Engagement Cloud should be functional in Priority 2 browsers
  • Some or all Engagement Cloud functionality may not work in unsupported browsers 

Engagement Cloud on mobile devices

Note that mobile browsers, such as those running on iOS and Android, aren't currently supported.

Priority 1 browsers

Our Priority 1 browsers are:

  • Chrome (Windows/macOS)*
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge*
  • Safari*

Priority 2 browsers

Our Priority 2 browsers are:

  • Firefox (Windows)*
  • Firefox (macOS)*

* As these browsers automatically update, only the latest stable version is tested.

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