Changing the 'List contacts' display


You can change the columns that get displayed in the listed view of your contacts.

You can also alter the order in which your contacts are sorted, as well as set the number of contacts that are listed per page.

Steps to change the 'List contacts' display

To change the 'List contacts' display:

  1. Select Contacts from the navigation bar to list your address books, and then select an address book to list the contacts within it

  2. Click on Display to the far right

  3. In the configuration panel that appears, you can make use of the following:
    • Sort by - click on this dropdown to change the order your contacts are displayed in (ascending or descending by created date, modified date, email address, or last mailed date).
    • Visible columns - use the checkboxes to select or deselect columns for visibility. 
  4. When ready, click Apply and the listed view of your address books will change accordingly
You can similarly click on Display to change the view of your address books listing display, plus other lists, within the app.
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