Sorting contact lists


You can sort contact lists via four default contact data fields - Created, Modified, Email and Last mailed date.

By default, the contact list is sorted by the Last mailed date in descending order (from the most recent mailed date to the earliest). This is indicated by the small triangle pointing downwards next to the Last mailed date column heading.

Sorting contact lists

  1. Select Contacts from the navigation bar and then select the appropriate address book you'd like to sort.
    The contacts list is displayed with the various column headings for the contact data fields.
  2. Click on a column header to sort by any of the sortable columns.
    Sorting by Created, for instance, will automatically sort the list in ascending date order (as the small arrow indicates by pointing upwards).

    sort-by-created.pngEmail addresses will firstly sort by ascending alphabetical order.

  3. To sort the list in descending order, simply click the column header again.

    The column header arrow changes point downwards, indicating that the sort is now in descending order.
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