Using the contacts search tool


You can search and filter your contacts by using the search tool, allowing you to perform further actions with the returned contacts.

Please note:

This search will only match based upon the email address, and not on any of the other contact data fields.

Using the contacts search tool

  1. Go to Contacts and select address book (this can include the All contacts and Test address books). You'll see the contacts list.

  2. At the top of the screen is the search tool.


    This can be used to find a contact by email address.
  3. Enter part of the email address and select the magnifying glass icon (or hit enter) to search.

  4. The contact, or contacts, matching the criteria return in a list.

  5. You can use any of the 'More actions' options with the result set, or export them.
  6. Click the red cross icon in the search box to cancel the search results and return to the contacts list.
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