Resubscribing a contact after they've been unsubscribed


When a contact unsubscribes, they'll be added to your suppression list.

A contact can be removed from your suppression list by resubscribing them. We detail the two ways this can happen below. 

Please note

Resubscribed contacts are added back to 'All contacts' only, not the address books they were previously in (unless they resubscribed via a signup which allowed them to select those address books).

How a contact can resubscribe themselves

An unsubscribed contact can resubscribe themselves by using your signup form (to see how to create a signup form, visit Creating a signup form). Unlike a brand new contact, they'll receive a resubscribe confirmation email.

A contact will not be resubscribed until they confirm their action by clicking the link in the resubscribe confirmation email. 

The process in full:

  1. The unsubscribed contact fills in and submits your signup form
  2. They receive a resubscribe confirmation email, ensuring they made the request
  3. They click the confirmation link in the email
  4. They become resubscribed


If you've created your own signup form using our API, you'll need to be sure it uses the Resubscribe contact/ResubscribeContact operation/method where appropriate.

Resubscribing a contact on their behalf

If you don't have a signup form, or if a contact requests you resubscribe them on their behalf, you can do so by using the resubscribe tool. Every contact you resubscribe will receive a resubscribe confirmation email.

Be careful

As contacts receive a resubscribe confirmation email as part of the resubscribe process, only attempt to resubscribe contacts who've specifically requested it. Contacts are able to report abuse from the confirmation email, and this will be logged against your account.

If you have a contact who has requested to be resubscribed:

  1. Go to Contacts > Suppressed contacts
  2. Search or browse for the contact(s) to resubscribe
  3. Select the checkbox next to each contact
  4. Select More actions > Resubscribe

A contact will not be resubscribed until they confirm their action by clicking the link in the resubscribe confirmation email. 

Customising the resubscribe confirmation email

You have two options - add your logo to our default resubscribe confirmation email, or fully customise it by setting up a triggered campaign.

You can add your logo to the default email by going to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings and uploading it there.

To enable a fully customised resubscribe confirmation email with a triggered campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Create a triggered campaign that you wish to use as your resubscribe confirmation email
  2. Select Link in EasyEditor's toolbar and insert the 'Resubscribe' link

  3. Select Save & continue

  4. Select Generate plain text version in the 'Create the plain text version of your email' so that it also includes the resubscribe link. Select Save & continue/Save again.
  5. Go to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings, scroll down to the 'Resubscribe settings' section and select the triggered campaign you created to send as your resubscribe confirmation email. 

    C_resubscribe_settings.pngYou can also set a resubscribe action to either show some text or go to a page of your choosing (either your own URL or a landing page) once the contact has interacted with the resubscription confirmation link. 
  6. Click Save

Contacts will then get sent your customised resubscribe confirmation email instead of the default one.

You can change back to the default one at any time.

An account can make use of one custom resubscribe confirmation email at a time. All resubscribe confirmation emails sent from the account will use the triggered campaign that's selected in the 'Resubscribe settings' section (under Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings).

Why can't some contacts be resubscribed?

A contact may be unable to resubscribe if:

  • They're on the Global Suppression List
  • You've suppressed their domain from receiving your campaigns
  • They were removed because of a complaint from their ISP. If you wish to resubscribe an ISP complainant, then please send us a copy of an email from the contact confirming their wish to resubscribe (in either .msg or .eml file format - please don't forward it). We'll then be able to initiate our compliance process for this.
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    Please note that, at present, signups through the Facebook signup form will not trigger this resubscribe process.

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    It would be handy if the same process could be triggered through the API. Are there any plans to enable this, or are there reasons why allowing the API to re-subscribe people isn't such a good idea?

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    Hi Murray,

    Good questions.  Making this possible through the API isn't currently planned; though it's certainly been talked about.

    One of the reasons we started with the signup form is because it's (mostly) contact initiated; this means there's limited abuse potential. Allowing contacts to be resubscribed in bulk (either through the application, or the API) after they've unsubscribed has more potential to be abused and endanger sending reputations.

    There are lots of really good reasons why you'd want to resubscribe through the API (perhaps you have a different way of subscribing contacts), so it's not something we're outright refusing to do. We will probably come back and look at other methods of removing contacts from suppression lists once the feedback on the current resubscribe process has settled down.

    If anyone has any bits they think are really good, or need to be improved; do let us know!

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    Hi Stoo

    Does this apply to bounced emails as well? Can they be resubscribed?



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    Hi Rose,

    Yep; bounced emails can be resubscribed too. This might happen, for instance, beacuse an email ceased to exist (or never existed) and therefore hard bounced - in this example you can resubscribe them once the email address does exist.

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    can this Resubscribe Request email be sent in different languages and how?

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    Hi Vladislav,

    Translations for the resubscribe process aren't live yet; but I'll see if I can get an estimate for when they will be done. When implemented they'll be like the other language settings (based on the browser language of the user).

    Are there any particular languages that you'd like us to prioritise? (The standard 15 we'll look at by default are  listed on the dotMailer website.)

  • Avatar

    Hi Stoo,

    we use german, french and italian off the standard 15 language list. We also use croatian and slovenian, but if I understand correctly, we can add our own translations for those two languages?


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    Hi Vladislav, yep - you can add your own translations for the extra languages.

    I'll keep you updated with the translations for the core 15.

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    Hi Stoo

    We've developed a number of forms using the API. How do you suggest we trigger the resubscribe process if all forms have been configured to use the API method? Currently it simply results an error stating that the user has been unable to be subscribed. It would be great if it could automatically trigger the resubscribe process too.

    Cheers, Paul

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    Hi all,


    Contacts can now be resubscribed via the API — documentation can be found at:

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    Hi Stoo

    Could you add a facility to generate the 'resubscribe' email from the interface? This would be very handy for when someone calls and asks to be resubscribed and there is no subscription form on the client website.



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    Hi Holly. It's possible to create a resubscribe form in a couple of minutes. From the client's account, create a signup form. Now create a new .txt file on your desktop, copy the signup form code, paste it into the .txt file and save it. Change the file extension from .txt to .html and the form will open in a browser. You can now use this form to re_subscribe.

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    Thanks for the info Murray, however I do believe it would be a benefit to lots of users to have this facility within the system.

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    Hi there,

    I have 99 contacts on an address book that are showing as suppressed, but none of them have actually asked to be removed (they are a very engaged and loyal group of contacts with whom we have frequent contact, so we asked them personally).  Can I batch trigger the resubscribe email to all 99, or do I need to trigger individually?

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    Hi Paul,

    I'm afraid it's a one-at-a-time tool only at present; this is deliberately done to prevent abuse of the tool.

    As Murray mentioned above, it's fairly quick to create a resubscribe form on your desktop to do this though.



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    I have a question for you. One of our clients had a group of their franchisees bounce when sending corporate communications so I directed them to the resubscribe process, it seems most did get added back to the account but later when they did a bulk upload of an updated franchisee list all of the original suppressed emails came back with the status of suppressed. Does this make sense? I see here that the re-subscribe is a one time process so there are 22 franchisee contacts we can't reach at this point.

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    Hi Amir,

    (Sorry to not get back to you sooner.)

    It sounds like the contacts got re-suppressed, perhaps their network hard-bounced the email again; in that kind of scenario I'd advise contacting the intended recipients directly (not via the dotMailer platform) and making sure:

    • They want to receive the messages
    • They are not the blocking emails
    • Their network is not blocking the emails

    In some cases, such as when they've made an ISP complaint via certain ISPs, they won't be able to resubscribe at all; if that is the case, when they complete the sign up form it will say "Sign up unsuccessful // We aren't able to register your email address at this time. Please contact <account company name> for more information."

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    Hi All, 

    I appreciate this is an old forum but wondered if anyone can help me. Essentially I want to create a sign-up form for re-subscribing delegates but the problem I have is that we generally import a new address book for each campaign. The address books we import are drawn from an existing pool of clients which is being updated all the time, hence the need to re-subscribe old email addresses but also the need to add a new address book for each new campaign. When attempting to create a sign-up form my only options are to re-subscribe delegates to a single address book, or to multiple ones from those which I have already created. Can you tell me, if I create a sign-up form under the, 'multiple address book subscribe' option, whether this will re-subscribe delegates for the purposes of future campaigns which are sent from address books which are yet to be imported, or will that contact only be able to be mailed from an address book which already exists within Dot Mailer. 

    Many thanks in advance, 


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    Hi Michelle

    When you re-subscribe a person using a sign-up form, it will only re-subscribe them to the address book or address books that are specifically named in the subscribe form. It will not re-subscribe them to other address books that they were previously in before they unsubscribed, unless they are named in the form.

    However, if you upload another address book in future which also includes that person's email address, they will appear in that address book as well as the one to which they were re-subscribed..

    From your description of how you are using the system, it may be better to use segments rather than address books for each new campaign. When you re-subscribe a contact, they will appear again in every segment for which they match the criteria. Using dotMailer's segmentation tool can often be more efficient than creating segments outside of the system and uploading them as address books.

    If you use the tool, you may be able to overcome the problem you're describing.



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    Hi Stoo, what about for instances of where the email address is blocked, we have tried the resubscribe file process and the recipient continues not to receive the re-Optin communication. Are they permanently blocked and if so, have we a process to manually correct this ourselves without having to request so via dotMailer?

    The reason I ask is that we do find instances whereby they have fallen beyond supression for one reason or another, but as they are important customers to receive our communications, it is imperative that we ensure we are continuing to deliver. 

    Finally as a second point. If we have a child account who wanted to set up the resign process, is there a reason why it appears to fail if implementing this on the microsite section of dotMailer (due to them not having the skills to quickly set up a form on a non public menu webpage)

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    I think you'd be best contacting our support desk with both of these issues. There are a number of reasons an email address can become blocked and explaining more about the situation to one of our support team will allow them to help you more effectively. This will enable you to ask them to investigate your second point in greater detail. Although you can use JavaScript in microsites, and thus should be able to use a signup form in them without any problem, there may be other reasons for its failure that our support team can help you uncover.   

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    Thank you for your response. We got to the bottom of the User resubscribe issue after they put our domain in to their safe list

    In terms of point two, is there anyone specifically you can advise I speak with? We have over 100 partner accounts for our resellers and as such defining a process whereby we could use our tool and its microsite capability might be a nice way to streamline this issue across all company email marketing tools. 


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    Glad to hear your initial issue got sorted. With regards to your second issue, I'd still recommend raising it with our support team but you could also raise your specific requirements and needs with your account manager, who will advise and help as best they can.

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    Interesting thread...

    Stoo, back on 'March 26, 2012 15:19' you stated that the translated versions of the resubscribe messages were not live yet, but there were plans in place.

    Is this option now live? If so where can i find this? Need to establish a re-subscribe process covering EN / DE / FR / IT languages, though mainly EN and DE.


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    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I can confirm these translations were implemented some time ago now. They cover English, German, French and Italian, plus many more.

    These translations are used and sent as part of the overall unsubscribe/resubscribe process, with the language being dictated by the resubscriber’s browser language setting. Of course, if you want to view the translations for yourself, change your browser language setting as required and go through the unsubscribe/resubscribe process with a test account.

    I've included a screenshot below of a German resubscribe email.



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    How does this apply to someone listed as a direct complaint, will the process also initiate in those cases?

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    We take complaints very seriously, and for this reason the resubscription process will not work for a direct complaint.

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    I have a customer who is on a suppression list having previously complained to ISP. This same customer has now contacted our company asking why he is no longer receiving emails from us. Is there a way we can resubscribe the recipient?


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    I've followed the above advice, and people have used the form & confirmation email to resubscribe but we still can't email them. Their details don't appear in the address book associated with the form either. We are getting no response from support, and this problem has been going on for some time now. Is there an update to this?