Add a contact to the Test address book


You can add a new contact to your Test address book by either: 

  • Going to Contacts, finding your Test address book and adding them.
  • Adding them during the campaign test send process (read on to find out how).


  • You can't upload a list of contacts to the 'Test' address book; they can only be added individually
  • You can have a maximum of 200 email addresses in your test address book, and you can send a maximum of 200 test sends in an hourly period

Adding new contacts during the test send process

There are several ways you can access the test send process and thus add a new contact:

  • If your campaign is open within EasyEditor, you can select Test send, located just above the EasyEditor toolbar. 
    CP_test_send_button.pngThis will open the 'Test send' side panel (see the main image further below).

  • If your campaign is open but you're not within EasyEditor (thus in another step of the campaign creation process), then select the third step of the process, Test, positioned in the top right corner.

    You'll be taken to the 'Test and proof your email' page. From there, select Choose contacts from under 'Send to your test contacts'.


    Again, the 'Test send' side panel will then open (see the main image further below).

  • If you've closed your campaign, then you can select the Test send icon from the 'My campaigns' screen to access the 'Test send' side panel.

  • Alternatively, if you're in the campaign 'Summary' screen, you can select Edit next to Testing. Selecting the third Test step of the campaign creation process, this takes you to the page Test and proof your email. From here, select Choose contacts from under 'Send to your test contacts'.

Whichever method you use, the Test send side panel will open.


Select New test address to open the New test address side panel. 


Complete the new contact details and select Create.

The Test send side panel then updates and list the new contact as a confirmed selection for the test send.


Testing dynamic content on your contacts

If you are selecting contacts to test how dynamic content appears for them, check out Test send dynamic content.

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