Editing settings for a campaign that hasn't been sent yet


You can change the settings of an unsent campaign at any time before sending it. This allows you to come back and alter things if requirements for the campaign have changed since you first created it. It also allows you to fix any mistakes, such as changing a subject line because it incorrectly uses the wrong year.

Furthermore, it allows you to copy a campaign and re-purpose it by changing its settings for your new needs. 

Or perhaps you wish to edit settings for a campaign that's already been sent?

Ways of editing an unsent campaign's settings

Campaign settings can be changed by either:

  • clicking on an unsent campaign's name wherever it's listed, which will take you through to EasyEditor from where you can access the campaign creation steps to take you to the different settings, or
  • clicking the Summary option that's available next to an unsent campaign wherever it's listed

One place you'll see some unsent campaigns listed is on the dashboard screen if the campaign has recently been edited - under 'Email campaigns modified recently'.


All of your unsent campaigns are listed in the 'Unsent' tab of the 'My campaigns' screen. This tab can be accessed by either clicking View all campaigns on the dashboard, or by selecting Campaigns > My campaigns from the navigation bar.


Follow these steps to edit settings for an unsent campaign via the Summary icon:

  1. Click on the Summary icon to display the campaign 'Summary' screen.

  2. Click the Edit option located in several positions on the right-hand side of the screen to modify the relevant area of your campaign settings, such as the friendly from name, subject line, content, and so on.
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