About the campaign Summary


The campaign Summary screen enables you to review your campaign details.

You'll see this screen when reaching the fifth step, Send, of the campaign creation process.

It provides you with a final overview and allows you to check, and even edit, your campaign before you commit to sending it.

Accessing the Summary

Select the fifth Send step of the campaign creation process at any point to access the summary, or select the Summary icon next to a listed campaign.


Summary details

This screen provides a summary of the campaign, including your campaign details, content and links within both the HTML and plain text versions of your campaign, total image size and, lastly, details about any testing of the campaign. 

Advice and pointers are provided in various areas to help guide you in getting the best out of your campaign.


It could be the case that you notice a mistake in your campaign, or see a problem, or are given some advice that you'd like to put into practice once you look through the information on this page. 

Select the Edit icon alongside the appropriate section to make changes.

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