Editing campaign content


At any given point during a campaign's journey, from initial creation through to final send, you'll no doubt need to access EasyEditor to alter or tweak your content.

This will also apply to sent campaigns, which can be copied and then edited for further use.

Ways of accessing EasyEditor to edit your campaign content

Unsent campaign content can be changed by either clicking on a campaign's name, or by clicking the Edit or Summary options available from the 'My campaigns' screen.

  1. Click Campaigns from the navigation bar to take you to the 'My campaigns' > 'Unsent' tab
  2. Click the campaign name or the Edit option (the pencil icon) to open your campaign in EasyEditor, or click the Summary option (the page icon).

The 'Summary' screen is shown.


Click the Edit options located on the far right of the screen to modify a specific section within your campaign.

You can also click on the Content step to open your campaign in EasyEditor. This is the second step in the campaign creation process located in the top right corner of the screen.  


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