The preview tool and inbox tests explained


To test how a campaign will look when your recipients open it, you can use the following methods:

  • Preview tool
  • Inbox test

What's the difference?

The preview tool is a free service, which offers an approximate preview.

An inbox test is a charged service, which allows you to see how your campaign will look in different email clients.

Availability and charges for inbox tests depend on your account setup.

Preview tool

You can open the preview tool by clicking the Preview button or icon wherever you see it, for example in EasyEditor.


This tool opens a preview of your campaign in desktop, tablet or phone formats.

However, these previews are based on a generic device and are only an approximation of how your email will look.

For further guidance on the preview tool, please read Previewing your campaign.

Browser restrictions

The preview tool uses your own browser to generate the preview. Therefore, the preview may differ, depending on the browser and device you're using.

If you want the best preview for mobiles or tablets, we recommend using Safari or Chrome browsers because Safari is WebKit based, and Chrome uses a fork of WebKit. Therefore, the preview in these browsers will be closer to that of a true tablet or mobile device running on either iOS or Android mobile operating systems.

The size of the tablet preview is roughly equivalent an iPad. The size of the mobile preview is roughly equivalent to an iPhone 4.

Mobile and tablet previews aren't available in Internet Explorer 9 browsers or earlier versions.

Inbox tests

The difference between preview and inbox and spam filter testing

The Inbox and spam filter test tool doesn’t support views for advanced personalisation and dynamic content; it should be used to see how campaigns look on different types of devices. Use the Preview button to view your advanced personalisation and dynamic content.

For further guidance on inbox testing, please read Using the inbox and spam filter test.

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