A really quick quide to EasyEditor's user interface

In our EasyEditor, templates are made up of groups of drag-and-droppable building blocks.


A building block can be text, an image, a combination of an image and text, a button, and so on. These blocks can simply be dragged and dropped into your template.


The available building blocks are displayed in the Build area on the left-hand side of your screen, and the blocks list is automatically expanded when you open your template.

The EasyEditor toolbar is displayed above your template and is greyed out when your template first opens. This toolbar is dynamic and will change depending on whether you're editing text or images.


You can expand an accordion menu in the tools area by clicking on its header, and you can switch between the Build and Styles sections by clicking on the tabs.

  • Build - allows you to add building blocks and images
  • Styles - allows you to apply styles such as background colours and overall colour themes, borders and padding, and device display options 


If you click in a text area on the template, then the toolbar will display options related to working with text.


If you click on an image in the template, the toolbar switches to display image-related options. The tools area will also automatically expand for 'Images'.


Above the EasyEditor toolbar, there are a few other options available.


Here you can use the Undo and Redo icons, open a preview, perform a test send, or access the Utilities menu.

There are also options to save your campaign or template. The Save & continue button takes you to the next step in the campaign creation process, which is creating the plain text version of your campaign.

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    HOw do you save the campaign and give it another name ?

    Cheers Nick Collyer

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    Hi Nick,

    Saving a campaign can be done with either the Save or Save & Continue buttons at the top of the screen.

    You can rename a campaign whilst in the EasyEditor,or at any other stage during the campaign creation process.using the [Rename] link underneath the title for the page.


    If you want to change the subject line for the campaign, you will need to go back to the campaign setup page using the back button ( back_button.png ) in EasyEditor.


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    Simple question and apologies, but how do I delete a link?

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    Next to the link icon to the right of it is an unbroken link symbol. This is how you remove a link.

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    Note: You have to have just the text thats the actual link highlighted, otherwise the unbroken link symbol stays greyed out and you cannot select it.

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    Hi Stoo, is there a way that EasyEditor templates can be configured to restrict to a certain level of text formatting options (in the same way that the older editor had the Styles dropdown?) 

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    Hi Richard,

    There isn't currently a way to define pre-set styles in EasyEditor; we do have an open feature request across at:  https://support.dotmailer.com/entries/422271-need-to-set-colour-font-style-for-links

    So if you fancy adding the weight of your vote to that request, do click on the Me too! button.

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    Hiya - can I move text around an image? or does it have to be either on the left or the right hand side? I don't want a huge image so wanted my text to wrap from the left and follow on underneath the image - is this possible? Thanks.

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    Hi Lindsey,

    Yep; if you insert an image into a text element, rather than as its own separate building block, the text will automatically wrap around it.

    The image can be aligned to the top-left or top-right corner of the text element.

    There's some more details on how this works at:



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    I have managed to align my whole email to the left, I don't know how I managed it. I need to realign to the centre. Please help. Thanks


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    Do you mean all of your email's text is aligned to the left? In which case, perhaps you accidentally clicked on one of the text alignment buttons in the tools ribbon without realising. Images can be similarly realigned in this way. 

    To realign text, click on the text element and use the alignment buttons in the tools ribbon to readjust your text's positioning.

    If you wish to realign images, click on the image element and the ribbon will change to display image related options, allowing you to realign images.

    You may also find the following articles helpful:

    Of course, another option you have to rectify any change that you no longer want or meant to perform is to use the 'Undo' button  undo_button.png , which is positioned just above the tools ribbon.