Resizing building blocks


When you drop building blocks into your campaign, they automatically resize based on the available space.

For example, when dropping a text block using the dropbar at the bottom of this image, the new text block automatically scales to be the same width as the block above it.



However, you're able to manually resize a building block too.

Manually resizing a building block

To manually change the width of a block:

  • Move your mouse cursor over to the edge of the space between two blocks so that the double-pointed arrow appears

  • Now click and drag the edge of your block left or right to change the width as required.

    As you drag, a guideline ruler will appear along with indicators to show what percentage of the container the left and right-hand sides will take up.

  • Release the edge and the other blocks within the container will automatically adjust to fit in with the block's adjusted size

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    what about height of a text block? - NOT INTUITIVE

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    Hi Colette. Sorry to hear you may have been experiencing problems with text block height. As several factors could potentially be involved, I'd recommend contacting with extra detail and they'll be happy to assist further.