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We're retiring Surveys & forms

On 5 July 2021, Surveys & forms will be retired. You can continue to create surveys, forms, and even landing pages with our newer, easier-to-use and more flexible Pages and forms tool.

No need to panic - your existing surveys and forms will continue to work even after this date. Now is a great time to start building using the Pages and forms tool.

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Page branching lets you to create surveys with multiple routes, and respondents only see the questions which are relevant to them based on their answers. 

Page branching is now section logic

Due to the surveys and forms retirement, page branching is now called section logic.

To learn more about section logic, check out Create multipage forms with section logic.

Building your survey

It’s best to plan and build your survey first. Branching requires three or more pages in a survey and works with dropdown and multiple-choice questions.

You must add at least one answer to your dropdown or multiple choice question before page branching can be enabled. 

Set up your rules

Once you have your survey laid out, select the first question in your survey that you want to branch from and tick Page branching to start creating rules.


To create a rule, choose an answer from the dropdown and then select a page to send the respondent to.

You can add a rule for each of the answers or just some of them.

To remove a rule, just hover over it to make a red cross appear just above it. Move over to the red cross (the whole rule will highlight in red) and click it to delete the rule.


Page branching when previewing

Page branching doesn't work when previewing your survey. The preview function allows you to see how your survey looks, but has limitations when it comes to the survey fully functioning properly in it.

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