Branch your survey


Page branching allows you to create surveys with multiple routes, and respondents will only see the questions which are relevant to them based on their answers. 

Building your survey

It’s best to plan and build your survey first. Branching requires three or more pages in a survey and works with dropdown and multiple choice questions.

You must add at least one answer to your dropdown or multiple choice question before page branching can be enabled.

Setting up your rules

Once you have your survey laid out, select the first question in your survey that you want to branch from and tick Page branching to start creating rules.


To create a rule, choose an answer from the dropdown and then select a page to send the respondent to.

You can add a rule for each of the answers or just some of them.

To remove a rule, just hover over it to make a red cross appear just above it. Move over to the red cross (the whole rule will highlight in red) and click it to delete the rule.


Page branching when previewing

Page branching doesn't work when previewing your survey. The preview function allows you to see how your survey looks, but has limitations when it comes to the survey fully functioning properly in it.

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    Can you clarify something for me. I am creating a 9 page survey and on page 7 I wanted to use simple page branching. My goal was on the last question to ask them if they wanted to be contacted if yes take them to a page to fill out contact info. If no that would complete the survey for them.

    The page branching option was grayed out. I think this is because I did not have 3 pages that followed that page. I could not branch it until I added a 10th page.  So is it that you need at least 3 pages that follow your branched page to use that option, not just a 3 page survey?

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    I can confirm that you should only need two pages to follow after your usage of page branching on your seventh page. The 'Page branching' option should then be available to you. It shouldn't need three pages to follow it.

    Please could you just double-check and let us know if you're not able to use the 'Page branching' option when adding two pages after your seventh page.

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    Hello Neal, I've created a sample survey to test the Page Branching but it doesn't work - all rules set up fine, but in the preview mode, all rules link each option to page 2 only, not page 3 and page 4 as specified. Any ideas?

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    Page branching doesn't in fact work within the preview function. The preview function allows you to see how your survey looks, but it has limitations when it comes to your survey fully functioning properly in it.

    To test your page branching, activate your survey and then generate a link so you can access it that way. You'll find that your page branching works as expected.

    If you'd ideally like to see full survey functionality within a preview, then please feel free to post it as a feature request here -

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    We regularly send out event emails and need to capture RSVP responses. How can I map responses for those that say Yes they can make it, and those that say No. Currently, the page branching does not work for this in the form as the user has to go through each page to submit a response. Ideally, I when a respondent selects Yes, and clicks submit I want them to see a message tailored to that response. Alternatively, when they select No, then submit, they need a tailored response for this too.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this. I'm afraid it's not currently possible to achieve what you're trying to do with our surveys and forms tool, although I can well understand why you'd like to be able to do it. Once a respondent submits a survey or form, there is only one submit screen that is shown (one confirmation message/webpage/landing page, depending upon completion options set up).

    I see that you raised this as a support ticket and you were advised to create a feature request. This is generally a good idea as the more support it receives, the more likely the feature will make it into our future development plans. However, there happens to be an existing feature request that you can vote for here -