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A Likert scale is a psychometric scale commonly used in questionnaires, and is the most widely used scale in survey research.

When responding to a Likert questionnaire item, respondents specify their rating or level of agreement with a particular statement or question.  

Here are a couple of examples from our survey templates.

This is from our 'Customer Service Satisfaction Survey' template:


This is from our 'Employee Satisfaction Survey' template:


This articles explains how to initially set up a Likert scale, and then how to configure and edit it.  

Setting up a Likert scale

Drag and drop a Likert scale element from the side panel into your survey. It appears preloaded with answer options.

Click the Likert scale to begin editing it.

To add a question, prompt, or title for the Likert scale question, click on the
[ Type question here ] instruction.


To add statements, follow the Click here to add a statement instruction. Your cursor position will be placed to the far left of the row, ready for you to type your statement.

You can add rows by clicking the plus sign icon that appears under the row.

You can delete rows by clicking the red cross icon, which appears when you mouse over them.

A green icon with arrows pointing in both directions also becomes available, allowing you to drag a row into a new position.

Click on a cell in order to add or edit statement text.


Answer options

The Likert is preloaded with answer options. You can edit these by clicking on the desired cell.

As with rows, click the red cross icon to delete columns, use the green icon with arrows to drag a column into a new position, and click the plus sign icon at the far right of the table to add a column. 


Editing a Likert scale

Click on Edit likert in the side panel to edit your statements.

Importing statements and responses

You can either paste a list (one statement per line) or type a list directly into the paste area. Once happy with it, click Use this list and the list will then appear under 'Manage'.

For responses, you have the extra option to choose from a predefined list.


Managing statements and responses

Select an item from a list to highlight it. You can then change the item's position within your list by using the green arrows to the right. You can delete items using the red cross positioned in between the arrows.

To add an item to your list, use the Add fields below the Manage boxes. Type in the item and then click Add. The item will then appear at the bottom of your list. Click on the item and use the arrows to move its position within the list.

Default selection

To select a default value for your Likert scale responses, click on the 'Default selection' dropdown to choose the value you wish to have pre-selected as the default answer. Otherwise [None] is shown as your default selection, meaning no answer is selected as a default.


Finally, click on Accept changes to load your settings into the Likert scale on your survey.

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