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Learn to create a new page using Pages and forms.


A page is a standalone webpage separate from your main brand website, focused on conversion.

Typically, pages contain a data capture form to gather visitors' email addresses and additional data.

You can use them to drive visitors to register for a discount, gather contact information as part of entering a competition, or to capture email addresses in return for future news and offers. 

How pages are created

You can create and publish great looking pages with our easy-to-use EasyEditor. What's more, you don't need any HTML skills.

If you're already familiar with EasyEditor, then you'll be very familiar with the creation process and most of the editing tools and features available to you. 

You can link to pages from your email campaigns, main website, social media, search engine marketing campaigns or advertising banners as an extension to promote a service, product or feature in more detail.

By using a page with a form, you can convert your page visitors into contacts, signups, leads, or sales.

With our page builder, you can:

  • Pick from a number of pre-designed templates, suiting a range of requirements, or upload your own.
  • Drag and drop building blocks into the editor, including uploading and inserting images (just as you can with EasyEditor).
  • Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Insert surveys and forms.
  • Link to other pages, or to documents.
  • Add personalisation, including advanced personalisation (making use of your Insight data).
  • Directly edit the HTML for the page.
  • Preview the page.
  • Add Web Behavior Tracking, Google Analytics, Google PPC or any other tracking code to your page.
  • Publish pages by selecting a hosting domain (either from a default or a custom domain).
  • Add a custom slug to make page URLs user-friendly.
  • Unpublish, edit and republish pages easily if you need to make changes.
  • Access reporting on your pages.

Create a new Page

To create a new page:

  1. Go to Pages and forms from the main application menu at the left-hand side.
  2. Expand the Pages and forms drop-down menu, select New page or form.
  3. Choose to start from scratch or select a template. In this example, we use the blank template.
    To learn how, check out choosing a template.
  4. Enter a page name and expand the drop-down menu to choose a location for your page.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Use EasyEditor to design your page.
    To learn how, check out designing a page with EasyEditor.
  7. Select Save to save and continue working, or Save & close to save for later.

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