Pages - Managing pages


As you create pages, they'll be listed in the 'Pages and forms' area.

Depending on where you are in the platform, this is accessible by either clicking on Pages and forms in the side navigation bar or by clicking on Pages and forms from the pages and forms navigation area in the top left corner.

From this page, you can view information about your pages, delete pages, search for pages, preview pages, edit pages, plus perform a few other actions.

Managing your pages 

Your pages are listed with details that include the page's name, status (published or unpublished), date created, and the last date modified.


You can:

  • create a new page by clicking on New page or form. This will take you through to the 'Choose a template' page where you can choose one of the suggested templates. Alternatively, click on the My templates tab to choose one of your own templates, or click Upload template to upload a new template.
  • delete a page or pages by ticking them and then clicking Delete (this will also delete any reporting on them)
  • tick a page (or pages) and then click on More actions to either:
    • move a page to a different folder
    • rename a page
    • copy a page
  • search your pages by entering part or all of their name
  • edit a page by clicking on the Edit icon next to it. This will take you through to the page in EasyEditor.
  • preview a page by clicking on the Preview icon alongside it
  • change the display of the 'Pages and forms' area by clicking on Display
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    There should be a "restore" option like there is in EasyEditor. Sometimes we need to revert back to previous versions and there doesn't seem to be a "restore" option.

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    Hi. Whilst there are no current plans to add a 'Restore' option to EasyEditor when editing a landing page, I certainly take your point. Thanks for your feedback, which I'm treating as a feature request and have passed on to the development team.