Upgrade 28th October 2015 - dotmailer 15four is here

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 28th October 2015 includes:

Say hello to dotmailer15four!

We're very pleased to announce the release of dotmailer15four.

Introducing our new look Help Center

The Help Center has been revamped. It now has:

  • A better look and feel
  • Easier navigation
  • Better separation of articles (knowledge base) and questions and feedback (the community)
  • Articles are easier to read
  • Improved search functionality 

We hope you like it!

The dotmailer developer hub is go!

The brand new dotmailer developer hub has been launched as a community-driven hub for developers looking to integrate with dotmailer. It contains our improved API documentation, plus:

  • C# code samples for all REST operations and SOAP methods
  • A test function for REST operations within the documentation itself
  • ReadMe.io members can log in and suggests edits

Over the coming months, we hope to improve, add to and extend the developer hub's content, with your help! We hope it provides a great extra resource.

Editable HTML headers for email

For our more advanced or adventurous users, the email head is now editable in EasyEditor. This supports new techniques such as Gmail schemas, or progressive disclosure, which require scripts in the email head.

Other improvements

  • You can now add a managed user to your account by simply adding their email address and then setting their permissions
  • You can now transfer your account ownership (should you need to) to a managed user easily within the app, without the need to contact support anymore 
  • We've implemented improvements to the automatic campaign converter (beta), which converts classic campaigns into EasyEditor campaigns
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • We've also fixed several bugs
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