Upgrade 2nd December 2015 - Image manager now available under 'Campaigns' and in surveys and forms

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 2nd December 2015 includes:

  • The Image manager is now accessible as a standalone tool, outside of EasyEditor. You'll find it under the 'Campaigns' menu, and it's also available when adding an image in the surveys and forms tool.

    It makes life that little bit more convenient. You no longer need to be working within a campaign or landing page to be able to manage your images and folders.

    And when it comes to dragging and dropping a new image block from the 'Build' tab into a survey or form, you're now able to select an image from your library via the Image manager, rather than having to upload a new image every time. You can also edit you image whenever you wish, something which wasn't previously possible in the survey and forms editor.

  • Over 40 bugs have been resolved too, which includes fixes for issues with EasyEditor in IE9, issues with the EasyEditor preview sometimes not working, triggered campaigns not getting sent after completion of a survey and the 'Emails skipped' report not taking suppressed contacts into account.
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