Upgrade 6th January 2016 - EasyEditor's new 'Columns' and 'Spacer' blocks

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 6th January 2016 includes:

  • We've improved the columns and spacer functionality in EasyEditor, to give you more control. These new blocks are now to be found under the 'Layout' heading in the 'Building blocks' section of the 'Build' tab.

    The 'Columns' blocks lets you choose the number of columns you'd like, beyond the previous limit of four, plus it allows you to adjust or remove spacing between columns. The new functionality is compatible with existing blocks in campaigns.

    The 'Spacer' block allows you to change the height of the spacer, including setting a custom height. A spacer block will first be 10 pixels high when dragged in. If you have existing spacers in your campaign, new spacer blocks will default to the most commonly used height, and default options will alter accordingly to reflect this.

    To learn more, check out the articles Using the Columns block and Using the Spacer block.

  • Just over 40 bugs have also been addressed, including fixes for issues with transactional data imports getting stuck without completing or failing, as well as optimisations to improve program execution speed. 
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