FAQ for Dotdigital for Salesforce

Do I have to create a Service User account?

The system requires a single user account to be used for the API service from Dotdigital. This account has to have sufficient privileges. These are provided in the API Service Account a permission set, this must be applied by the Salesforce administrator. A dedicated user (or any Administrative user ) can be used, it can be any user account that the customer wishes to use, it is essential that the service account permission set is applied.

Do I have to create Dotdigital users?

Any user can have the appropriate permission set applied, this will enable them access to the application.

Why does the Configuration tab display 'Session Expired'?

If the session expires before the session timeout:

  1. As an Administrator, make sure the 'Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated' session setting is not selected
  2. Log out for the changes to take effect

How do I make Dotdigital (Email Marketing) appear in the App menu?

If, after installation, a user does not have access to Dotdigital, it can be resolved by the administrator creating a specific permission set and applying it to that user.

Log in as an Administrator and go to Setup > (Manage) Users > Permission Sets, and clone an existing one.

Enter Label, API Name and a description. Click Save.

Select the Assigned Apps and click Edit.

Click Edit and then add ddm.Marketing Automation to Enabled Apps (may show as ddm.Email Marketing).

Click Save.

Apply the new permission set to any users that do not have the app available (as well as the relevant user permission).

How can I change the field layout of a related list?

It has been found that on some installations that after the Marketing Automation page layouts have been installed, the related lists are not as intended.

This can apply to the following layouts:

  • Campaigns
  • Leads
  • Contacts

These issues can be identified and then resolved by checking the layouts.

All changes need to be made by the system administrator.

For each page that is affected, click the Edit Layout.

Navigate to the bottom of the page, and then click on the Related List Icon for the layout.

Use the Add and Remove arrows to edit the list to the suggested layout.

Click OK to apply the changes.

Then Save to complete the changes to the complete page.

The above procedure should be followed for each of the pages that are identified as being incorrect.



Suggested Selected fields.


Contacts and Leads


Un-check the New button and amend the fields as suggested for each of the layouts.

Suggested Selected fields.

Edited pages should now display data.

Why are buttons missing from Contact and Lead Layouts?

The Package upgrade to version 2.30 and later does require changes to the page layouts. These are all documented in the Package upgrade section in this Guide.

Why does the Advance Button not appear on Email Address Books?

The Package upgrade to version 2.30 and later does require changes to the page layouts. These are all documented in the Package upgrade section in this Guide.

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