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The Dotdigital for Magento connector fully utilises the Dotdigital OrderInsight module. Enabling this feature will allow you to synchronise your customers' order information and current basket contents. This allows for deep segmentation within Dotdigital, enabling highly targeted email marketing.

To be able to synchronise your customers' order information, you will firstly require the OrderInsight module working in your account. Speak with your account manager to have this enabled for you.

Orders are synced and batched once they are created but are also updated within Dotdigital when any modifications are made to the quote after their creation.

In addition to the default data that we sync across (as explained below), we also offer a range of configurable options to allow you to customise the data and the format of the data which is sent to Dotdigital. You can find out more about these options in 'Insight data - Settings'

Steps to enable order data syncing

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to System > Configuration > Dotdigital Sync Settings.
  2. Enable Order Sync from under the 'Sync' section.

  3. Click Save Config in the top right. Magento will then confirm that the settings have been saved and the synchronisation will begin; the order data will shortly be available in your Dotdigital account.

List of synced order data

The order data that is synced includes:

  • ID - The Magento database ID for the order (text)
  • order_total - The total amount the customer paid (numerical)
  • payment - The payment method the customer used (text)
  • delivery_method - The delivery method selected (text)
  • delivery_total - The amount paid for delivery (numerical)
  • currency - The currency the order was placed in (text)
  • couponcode - The coupon code used on the order if applicable (text)
  • order_status - The current status of the order (text)
  • email - The email address of the contact who placed the order (text)
  • store_name - The Magento store name the order was placed on (text)
  • quote_id - The database quote ID the order was created from (text)
  • purchased_date - The date and time of the order (date)
  • billing_address - The address that the payment method is registered to
    • billing_address_1 (text)
    • billing_address_2  (text)
    • billing_city (text)
    • billing_country (text)
    • billing_postcode (text)
  • delivery_address - The address that the order is delivered to
    • delivery_address_1 (text)
    • delivery_address_2  (text)
    • delivery_city (text)
    • delivery_country (text)
    • delivery_postcode (text)
  • order_subtotal - The order subtotal (numerical)
  • base_subtotal_incl_tax - The order subtotal including tax (numerical)
  • discount_amount - The total amount discounted on the order (numerical)
    This should be a positive value.

Details for the billing and shipping address used to place the order are also synced.

Furthermore, the following information is synced for every product within the order:

  • products (array)
    • name - The name of the product (text)
    • price - The price paid for the product (numerical)
    • sku - The SKU of the product (text)
    • qty - The quantity of the product purchased (numerical)
    • attribute-set - The attribute set from Magento assigned to the product (text)
    • categories - The categories associated with the product (array)
      • name (text)


I have enabled the order sync but nothing is displaying in Dotdigital. How come?

This could be for the following reasons:

  • You do not have valid API credentials or saved details
  • OrderInsight is not enabled on your account
  • Cron is not running on your site
  • The importer is currently processing other imports and hasn't got to the order import yet

I have order data in Dotdigital but some of the values for orders are empty. Why would that be the case?

This could either be that the data doesn't exist for that order (e.g. the delivery amount wasn't paid), or the source data in Magento no longer exists (e.g. you had old payment methods in Magento that no longer exist).

Why is the order data marked as imported in Magento but not displaying in Dotdigital?

Insight data can take several minutes to import and show in Dotdigital, even after a sync is complete. You might want to ensure you don't already have order data imported with matching IDs, perhaps coming from a staging site, as this key must be unique. 

Please comment underneath with any further questions you may have.

Magento 2.0

The above also applies for Magento 2.0, with the only difference being that 'Order Sync' is found by going to Stores > Configuration > Dotdigital > Sync Settings > Sync

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