Abandoned cart: Getting started - Magento 1

Shopify connector user, or Dotdigital platform-only user?

If so, abandoned cart functionality is configured and implemented differently - and the information below will not apply. Please instead read the Shopify connector or platform-only (abandoned carts module) articles.


The Magento connector allows you to send abandoned cart emails to both your customers and guests of your website. Each type of site visitor can receive three different emails scheduled for different times, each with different email content. Using Dotdigital's external dynamic content function, you have the ability to include the contents of their cart within the emails you send.

Every five minutes, the connector analyses quotes in the core Magento quotes table. In this table, your visitor's last modified date is within the time settings you have set and contains an email address or one associated to a registered customer. It is important to note that this functionality will not work if you are not using the default Magento quote functionality.

We allow you to set up to three emails to be triggered when a cart is abandoned, and you are also allowed to set up different emails for customers and guests. In addition to this, as per all of our features, you can configure different settings per website.

Please note: To find the external dynamic content URL for abandoned carts, go to System Configuration > DOTMAILER > Dynamic content.

Enabling abandoned cart emails

  1. Create the campaigns you wish to send as abandoned cart emails within your Dotdigital account.
  2. In System > ConfigurationDotdigital Abandoned Carts, select whether you are setting these up for Customers or Guests.
  3. Enable the amount of abandoned cart emails you require, set the time delay for the sending of the emails after the cart is abandoned, and then select the relevant campaign you created in step 1 from the 'Campaign To Send' dropdown list.

  4. Click Save Config in the top right. Magento will then confirm that the settings have been saved. Your abandoned cart emails will send accordingly.

Adjusting abandoned carts email limit

You can adjust the number of abandoned cart emails that a contact is sent by going to System > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Configuration.

From here, you can restrict the sending of an abandoned cart email to a contact if they've already received a previous one within a set amount of hours. This avoids overloading contacts' inboxes if they do tend to have a habit of regularly abandoning their carts. Select from options between 1 to 240 hours and click Save Config once happy with the setting.


Sending abandoned cart emails only to newsletter subscribers

Please note

Sending abandoned cart emails to subscribers only is supported by Dotdigital for Magento v6.4.1 and above.

You can restrict abandoned cart emails so that they are sent only to newsletter subscribers by going to System > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Configuration.

To send abandoned cart emails only to newsletter subscribers, click No in the 'Allow abandoned cart for non-subscribed contacts' dropdown. 



I have enabled abandoned carts, but I don't receive anything. Why is this?

Please review our 'Abandoned carts - Checking progress' article to understand the reasons this might not be working correctly.

Please comment underneath with any further questions you may have.

Magento 2.0

The above also applies for Magento 2.0, with the only difference being that 'Abandoned Carts' is found by going to Stores > Configuration > Dotdigital Abandoned Carts, and 'Abandoned Cart Limit' is found by going to StoresConfiguration > Dotdigital > Configuration > Abandoned Carts.

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