Transactional email: Getting started - Magento 1

Transactional email needs to be enabled

To be able to use transactional emails in the connector, you'll firstly need to ask your Engagement Cloud account manager to enable Engagement Cloud's transactional email service within your account.


With the Engagement Cloud for Magento connector, you can make use of Engagement Cloud's transactional email service to send, manage and track all of your transactional emails. By doing this, you'll be benefiting from Engagement Cloud's high deliverability rates and reporting and analytic tools.

For more information and guidance about Engagement Cloud's transactional email service, read Using transactional email.

Using Engagement Cloud's transactional email 

The Magento integration uses the simple sending method of SMTP and is purely a delivery mechanism for all the transactional emails you already have set up in Magento under System > Transactional Emails. Engagement Cloud doesn't provide any ability to edit, manipulate or design any of your transactional emails.

By using Engagement Cloud's transactional email service, you benefit from not only improved deliverability of your transactional emails but also greater visibility and insight into the sends, opens and clicks for these communications.

Setting up

After creating a transactional email user in Engagement Cloud, you'll need to add the email address ('Username' in the connector) and password to the connector's 'Transactional Emails' section.


Once happy, click Save Config and, provided all the details are correct, you'll be set up in the connector.

Before you start sending your transactional email, there are two more points to consider:

  • All transactional emails sent from Engagement Cloud must use a custom from address that's already been set up in your Engagement Cloud account. If the from address set up in Magento doesn't exist in Engagement Cloud then we'll alter the transactional email's from address to your account's default from address.
  • It's also important to have set the 'unknown mail forward' on the from addresses you use in Engagement Cloud to ensure that any replies to your transactional emails are forwarded on.

Please comment underneath with any questions you may have.

Magento 2.0

The above also applies for Magento 2.0, with the only differences being that your transactional emails in Magento are found under Marketing > Communications, and the 'Transactional Emails' section in the connector is found by going to Stores > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Transactional Emails.

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