Upgrade 20th January 2016 - Ability to create HTML-only templates, plus change to 'Get account information' in API

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 20th January 2016 includes:

  • If you regularly upload templates and only want to use the HTML source editor, you can now add this comment at the top of your template's HTML content (inside the <body> tag):

     <!-- eehtmlonly -->

    With this, your template will be automatically loaded into the HTML source editor, bypassing EasyEditor.

  • You may remember that part of our upgrade on 30th September 2015 included a change to dotmailer URLs as part of our drive towards an overall more global and scalable solution.

    At the time, this didn't affect the API. However, today, in preparation for more upcoming changes, an extra field of information is returned from the API's 'Get account information' operation/method. When called, it will now also retrieve 'ApiEndpoint' which is a string containing the fully qualified API URL for your account's region.

    Our developer hub covers this in a couple of places:

    - Getting started with the API
    - How do I know the correct API endpoint to call for my account's region?

    Whilst here are the links for the operation/method:

    - Get account information (REST)
    - GetCurrentAccountInfo (SOAP)

  • We now offer the application interface in Latin American Spanish. 
  • Plus over 20 bugs have fixed.
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