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Changing the address books you want your contacts to sync to after you've already synced contacts to Engagement Cloud will reset all the contacts in Magento to re-sync to those new address books.

Mapping Magento contacts to your address books

    1. Create three new address books for customers, subscribers, and guests in one of the following ways:

      • Create the new address books in Engagement Cloud
      • Create the new address books in the connector by going to System > Configuration > DOTMAILERSync Settings and clicking on Create Address Book. It will expand to display a field in which you enter the new address book's name. You can also select the visibility of the address book by choosing whether it's publicly viewable or private; making it 'public' will mean contacts will be able to join or unsubscribe from it. Once happy, click Create New Address Book and a confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen confirming the creation of the address book in your Engagement Cloud account.


        If you created your address books in Engagement Cloud, return to your Magento admin panel and go to System > ConfigurationDOTMAILER > Sync Settings.
    2. At the top of the page, under 'Address Book Mapping', you can use the dropdowns to select the appropriate address book to map your customers, newsletter subscribers, and guests to. The lists will include any new address book that you've created, both in Engagement Cloud and the connector.


      Stopping non-subscribed email addresses from being synchronised to Engagement Cloud

      If you want to synchronise customers and guests only if they have subscribed to your Magento newsletter, click No in the 'Allow non-subscribed contacts to be imported' dropdown.

    3. Click Save Config. Magento will confirm that the settings have been saved and you will have successfully mapped to your Engagement Cloud address books.


Contacts synced to your customer address book will all be registered customers of your Magento site that have a customer account. All contacts within this address book will have the additional contact data field information populated against them that you map in data mapping.

Newsletter subscribers

Contacts synced to your subscribers address book will all be subscribed contacts found in the default Magento Newsletter Subscribers table/report. We only sync the email address for these contacts. However, if you have newsletter subscribers who are also registered customers then they will have the additional contact data fields populated. When a subscriber on your website unsubscribes on your Magento site, we remove them from this address book.


If you have the order sync enabled, it means that we will add the email address from an order placed by a guest who isn't a customer or a subscriber to your guests address book. We only sync the email address for these contacts. However, if you have guests who are also registered customers then they will have the additional contact data fields populated here. 


Why don't I have any address books to select from in the dropdown?

You need to make sure you have saved and valid API credentials.

Please comment underneath with any further questions you may have.

Magento 2.0

The above also applied for Magento 2.0, with the only difference being that the 'Create Address Book' section is found by going to Stores > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Sync Settings.

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