Upgrade 3rd February 2016 - Maintenance deploy

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 3rd February 2016 provides fixes for several bugs, including:

  • An issue with RSS feeds sometimes failing in campaigns has now been fixed, whilst the RSS feed size limit has been increased in EasyEditor from 512KB to 1MB

  • In EasyEditor, external dynamic content blocks are now editable when accessed from within a ‘Columns’ block (the 'Columns' block was introduced in our 6th January upgrade)

  • In surveys and forms, the response preview window now matches the width of the actual survey or form

  • The ‘Print report’ personalisation option wasn’t allowing a logo with an image height under 100 pixels to upload successfully; this has been resolved

  • In the Salesforce connector, a fix has been implemented to ensure email campaigns synchronisation works as expected, plus Configuration > Actions > Synchronise wasn’t synchronising surveys or WebInsight but it does now

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