Are there any training videos I can watch?


As an accompaniment to our support articles, our Training Hub has a great collection of training videos to support you as you learn to get the most out of Engagement Cloud.

They cover every key aspect of the platform, as well as providing guidance on some additional features, and our main integrations and connectors.

Here's the full list of videos if you want to get straight to one:

Core features

  • Account settings - with chapters covering 'Platform overview' and 'Account settings'
  • Data management - with chapters covering 'My contacts', 'Uploading data', 'Contact data fields', 'Preference centre', 'Suppressed contacts', 'Signup forms', 'Advanced features', 'Segments' and 'Insight data'
  • Campaign creation - with chapters covering 'Campaign overview', 'Campaign setup details', 'EasyEditor build', 'EasyEditor style', 'EasyEditor utilities', 'Test sending', 'Sending' and 'Advanced features'
  • Automation - with chapters covering 'Triggered campaigns', 'Address book automation', 'Auto responders', 'Program builder - essential features' and 'Program builder - advanced features'
  • Reporting - with chapters covering 'Contact activity', 'Campaign reports' and 'Account reports'

Additional features

  • Surveys and forms - with chapters covering 'My surveys and forms', 'Building a survey', 'Styling your survey', 'Survey settings', 'Sharing your survey' and 'Survey reporting'
  • Contact scoring - with chapters covering 'Setting up contact scoring', 'How we use labels and rules' and 'How we use contact scoring'
  • Landing pages - with chapters covering 'Creating a landing page', 'Editing a landing page', 'Publishing a landing page' and 'Landing page reporting'

Integrations and connectors

  • Microsoft Dynamics integration - with chapters covering 'Marketing lists', 'Sending an email campaign', 'Email campaign reporting', 'Detailed reporting' and 'Settings'
  • Magento integration - with chapters covering 'Data management', 'External dynamic content', 'Product block', 'Abandoned carts' and 'Automation'
  • Magento 2 integration - with chapters covering 'Data management', 'External dynamic content', 'Product block', 'Abandoned carts' and 'Automation'
  • Salesforce integration - with chapters covering 'Marketing automation', 'Email studio', 'Email campaigns', 'Email address book and Salesforce campaigns', 'Salesforce integration - send campaign wizard', 'Statistics and reporting', 'Configuration', 'Campaign member values' and 'Salesforce Lightning'
  • Shopify connector - with chapters covering 'Shopify connector', 'Product block' and 'Order synchronisation'
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