Changes to SMS short codes

This has now happened

All accounts are using the new dedicated short code 87800.


Our SMS provider, RedSMS, have recently informed us of an upcoming change that will affect you if you have an SMS short code in your account. 

This does not affect outbound SMS numbers or alpha tags.


If you use an SMS short code (a five digit number), it will change to 87800 on 28 September 2016. Additionally, the keyword used on some accounts will also change.

Following 28 September, all previous short codes and affected keywords will stop working.

We are aware of the short notice being given with respect to this change. Unfortunately, the timescales have been set by our provider and we are obliged to make changes accordingly.

Does this affect you?

If you've purchased a short code from us, this change will affect you. To see if your account has a short code, follow these steps:

  1. Use the area dropdown and click SMS
  2. Click Add new to create a new SMS campaign
  3. Examine the Content box. If it contains a pre-filled five-digit number, you will be affected by this change.

In the event that your keyword will also change, we will contact you personally in advance of 28th September to advise you of an alternative suggestion for what your new keyword will be.

What to do if you are affected

Your new 87800 short code will automatically start working on 28 September, and your previous short code will stop working. If you have promoted your previous short code (for example, in your marketing) you will want to update this.

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