Upgrade 21st September 2016 - Default double opt-in for signup forms

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 21st September 2016 includes the following changes:

  • We've turned on default double opt-in for our signup forms in most accounts, to provide added protection against possible signup form abuse.

    You can check whether double opt-in is already enabled for your account under 'Features' in 'Account settings' (and we'd recommend that it is). Provided it is enabled, a default double opt-in confirmation email (which you can add a company logo to) will be sent to your signups; or you can instead choose to set up and send your own triggered campaign.  

    Read more in 'Using double opt-in'.

  • Suppressions will now expire after a year for contacts who were originally added to your account's suppression list due to reaching the soft bounce threshold. They won't be automatically added back into your account but they can be uploaded again.
  • Plus over 30 bug fixes and performance improvements

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