Upgrade 12th October 2016 - Here's dotmailer 16three

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 12th October 2016 includes:

dotmailer16three is here

We're delighted to announce the release of dotmailer 16three.

EasyEditor now has 'styles'!

Content creators and designers will be excited to hear that you can now change a paragraph to a heading in a click, and update a button in a second - courtesy of EasyEditor's 'Styles' picker in the text toolbar. You can also manage and edit your styles too.

Plus you can lock down your designs to stop other users from creating new styles and causing you potential design anguish.

Read more in Working with text and Default font styles for templates, plus Markup for templates to learn more about locking down. 

Manage your team (beta)

If you have a team with multiple dotmailer accounts, then you can request access to the beta version of our team management tool. This allows you to manage all your users in one place, as well as share templates.

Read more in Managing your team (beta).

Create a seed list

You can create a seed list to ensure every major send goes to it, enabling you to keep your colleagues abreast of all your sending activity.

Read more in Creating a seed list.

Connector support for Magento 2.1

The latest release of dotmailer for Magento is available, including support for Magento 2.1, as well as including expiring coupon codes, enrolling customers and guests into a program upon their first order, and synchronisable product attributes. 

Other improvements

  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented 
  • And around 50 bug fixes

Read more over in our launch blog.

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    I can't see the style manager. Is it only for certain users, or is it still being rolled out?

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    Hi Edward. Thanks for your question about this. I suspect the reason you can't see the 'Styles' option in the toolbar is because you're not using a template version that supports it. I'd recommend reading the articles we highlight above with regards to our 'Styles' feature, particularly 'Working with text'. The relevant part is this paragraph, however:

    'Styles' will be available in the text toolbar for templates taken from the 'Start from scratch', 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' and 'Mobile email. Rebooted for the holidays' sections of the 'Free' templates library. It also applies to the same templates if they were selected prior to the release of 16three (released 12 October 2016). However, you'll need to add the correct HTML to the source code for the feature to work in any other templates. For more on the markup required, read 'Defining default font styles in your templates'.

    If you or a colleague is happy enough to add the correct HTML to the source code of your template to support 'Styles', then great. Otherwise your best bet is probably to select one of our templates which already supports it. Hope that helps.

    Edited by Neal Goldsmith