Upgrade 9 November 2016 - Advanced personalisation now supported in all free templates

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 9 November 2016 includes the following changes:

  • Advanced personalisation now supported in our free upgraded templates

    Advanced personalisation now works in all of our free templates, including upgraded templates taken from the 'Start from scratch', 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' and 'Mobile email. Rebooted for the holidays.' sections.

    This also applies to templates you've already started to work with. 

  • Retirement of event triggers

    As of today, we're beginning to retire event triggers. Event triggers were located at the foot of the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' page, which is step four of the campaign creation process.

    The first phase of this retirement means the functionality is no longer available if you're a new user or an existing user who's never made use of them before. 

    If you're an account that currently uses event triggers, or have used them in the past, the functionality will be kept in place until full retirement on 15 February. 

    We're retiring event triggers due to low usage, plus the fact that they can be created in our more powerful program builder. 

  • Other enhancements
    • Beta users of our team management functionality will now benefit from speedier performance when listing team accounts.
    • In EasyEditor, campaigns with locked styles no longer have the 'Background' and 'Colour theme' options visible in the 'Styles' tab.
    • Plus over 30 bugs fixes and performance improvements.
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    Find it really hard to understand that for the depth of functionality available within the dotmailer platform that a triggered auto-responder is too difficult to maintain.

    Suggesting that they can be 'created in our more powerful program builder' is not entirely true. This only allows auto-responses to be sent from the following day, not on the same day or with the same time delay functionality that comes with the event trigger function.

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    Good news on this Nick, as we reintroduced the ability to send auto responders on 15th Feb based on similar feedback. Event triggers have been retired, however, although accounts that still use event triggers, or have used them in the past, will still have access to them until their full retirement on 29th March.