Upgrade 31 January 2018 - SMS enhancements and increase to soft bounces limit

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 31 January 2018 includes the following changes:

SMS enhancements

If you use the app's SMS functionality, then we're pleased to let you know about the following changes:

  • Support for international numbers (however, region 1 accounts will need to contact us to fully enable this support). Our recommendation is that numbers should be added with their international calling code prefix (for example, +44 for the UK).
  • A new SMS campaign editor with a preview function, showing your message in mobile form throughout
  • Multiple segment support for messages over 160 characters (or 70 characters for non-Latin alphabets/characters)
  • New look reporting, now with single sends reporting
  • Exportable contacts and suppressed contacts lists
  • SMS sending credit balance is now a lot more visible throughout


Increase to soft bounces limit

We've increased the maximum number of soft bounces allowed before suppression from 5 to 20 (as can be changed in Contacts > Suppressed contacts > Bounce settings).

The default limit for new accounts is now 20, and we’ve increased existing accounts which were set at 4 or 5 to 20.

Recently we've seen a number of large email receivers recently going through extended periods of soft bouncing email. Often this isn't your or dotmailer's fault but instead is down to a configuration change within the receiver. We've made this changed in order to prevent contacts from being unsubscribed unnecessarily.

Improvements to test send selections

We've improved the test send process. The old contact selection modal has gone and has been replaced with a much friendlier side panel, consistent with recent redesigns in the app, which includes extra abilities to:

  • Search by email address or name
  • Select the split test version of a campaign you want to test send

What's more, pre-selected addresses from previous test sends are now easier to see and remove in the side panel.

Other enhancements

  • Commerce Flow users are now able to access information about their contacts' abandoned carts so that they can include them in campaigns
  • Plus over 30 bug fixes and performance improvements
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