18 July 2018 - Program builder gets a UX refresh

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 18 July 2018 includes the following changes:

Program builder improvements

We've made some improvements to your user experience of the program builder:

  • In the 'Start'/'Enrolment rule' configuration side panel, you can now see the last count of a start node segment (this refreshes each time you generate the count of the segment)

  • When configuring an 'Update contact' node, the configuration panel now displays an explanation of exactly how the contact data field will be updated
  • We've made delay/wait panels look and feel that little bit friendlier in 'Start', 'Delay' and 'Decision' nodes
  • You can now close the 'Active program' message for active programs
  • You can now close the 'Are you lost?' message that appears when moving around the program builder canvas

Other enhancements

  • In the signup form for our Dynamics connector, we now prevent responses from being cached by browsers, routers, proxies and anything else
  • We've made over 30 bug fixes and performance improvements
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