Web Behavior Tracking - an overview

What is Web Behavior Tracking?

Web Behavior Tracking is a powerful, purchaseable advanced module (charged for monthly) that provides greater insight into how customers and prospects interact with your website, meaning you can deliver even more relevant and effective content.

How does Web Behavior Tracking work?

A special snippet of JavaScript tracking code is added to the pages of your website that you'd like tracked. This enables the capture, collection and storage of browsing details against your contacts as Insight data records.

What data gets captured?

  • Pages viewed by a contact (page title, URL, and date and time of view)
  • Duration of view
  • Total number of pages viewed in a single visit by a contact
  • Website visited (because you may be tracking more than one website)
  • Browser used by the contact
  • IP address of the contact
  • Google Analytics tracking information

It's also possible to send custom data to your account by editing the tracking code.

What can I do with Web Behavior Tracking data?

Advanced personalisation allows you to directly use Web Behavior Tracking data in your email campaigns or in your landing pages - should you want to include the name of a page a contact's visited, for instance.

You can also use the data to segment your contacts and send them communications that are both personalised and targeted. Examples include:

What are the benefits of Web Behavior Tracking?

  • Enhances your data
  • Enriches your contact knowledge
  • Increases engagement with your contacts
  • Improves your relationship with your customer base
  • Extends the reach of your service
  • Potentially speeds up your sales process
  • Ultimately drives up your ROI
To add Web Behavior Tracking to your account, contact your dedicated account manager (if you know who it is), or fill out this request form, making sure that you specify 'Account Management' as the query type.
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