Basic service abandoned carts – an overview for marketeers

Learn about basic service abandoned cart features, and what to expect after you purchase the functionality.


You can pass abandoned cart data along, also known as CartInsight, by putting JSON into Engagement Cloud through basic service abandoned carts. You can use this data to remind your customers to complete their purchases by showing abandoned cart information in a triggered campaign by using the Abandoned cart building block in EasyEditor.

This article doesn’t apply to Magento, Magento 2, and Shopify abandoned carts

This article covers basic service abandoned cart functionality, and it's a different process for integration abandoned carts. If you want to learn more about abandoned carts for integrations, check out the Integrations area in the Help centre. 

Support for basic service abandoned carts

Basic service abandoned carts includes a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) and third-line support agent. The DMS works with you to test that the functionality is working correctly, create your three-step automation program, and provide documentation to you and your developer or agency, so it can be implemented correctly on your side. The DMS also gives you the correct IDs you must use to get started.

Abandoned cart block restrictions

The Abandoned cart block is restricted to showing certain data values and these can't be edited. You, your developer, or agency must implement the JSON script correctly for this block to work.

To learn how to correctly use the abandoned cart JSON script, check out Abandoned cart JSON breakdown.

You can display the following data:

Line item data (product) CartInsight data (summary cart values)
Product image Subtotal
Product name Grand total
Product quantity  
Product price  

You can’t edit the values Amount and Order total - these always appear in English. The module supports multi-currency. If you need something a little more custom or flexible, check out the full service abandoned carts.


Three-step automation feature

It’s a three step journey that triggers email campaigns at intervals picked by you if a contact doesn’t convert their cart. You can also choose not to enrol a contact that enrols in the last X amount of days. A contact exits the automation if they convert during the automated journey.

Compare basic and full service abandoned carts

Processes and support Basic service Full service
Qualified by Technical Pre-Sales (TPS)
Dedicated DMS and third-line support agent
Abandoned cart emails created for you
Customised cart information displayed in email campaigns
Cart data appears in languages other than English
Three-step automation built for you
Testing with your team and the Engagement Cloud team before going live 

Next steps

After your purchase of the basic service abandoned cart functionality, your DMS contacts you to tell you what to do next. Here’s what you can expect:

  • DMS arranges a call with you to finalise a few details that are requirements for our third line support team.
  • The support team creates a ticket and assigns you or your developer or agency a DMS.
  • Your DMS provides instructions on setting up a Web Behavior Tracking profile and provides you with a program ID.
  • Your DMS works with you to create a three-step automation, while your developer or agency implements the scripts on your website.
  • You and the Engagement Cloud team tests everything to make sure it works correctly.

If you’re looking for a more technical overview, check out the Abandoned carts area in the Help centre.

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