Full service abandoned carts – an overview for marketeers

Engagement Cloud for Magento 2/Magento or Shopify connector user?

If so, abandoned cart functionality is configured and implemented differently - and the information below will not apply. Please instead read the Engagement Cloud for Magento 2/Magento or Shopify connector articles.


What do I get with full service abandoned carts?
What type of information can I display in my abandoned cart email?
What's included with the automation?
Next steps (once you've purchased)
Things to consider
Basic service vs full service abandoned carts


The full service abandoned carts module is functionality that allows you to pass abandoned cart information (also known as CartInsight) using JSON into dotmailer. From there, we can then display that cart information - making use of advanced personalisation - in a triggered campaign to remind your customers to complete their purchase.

This article provides an overview of the service.

What do I get with full service abandoned carts?

The service includes the building of up to three campaigns and one automation program. Your dedicated Engagement Cloud Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) will build the campaigns using your template toolkit (if purchased), or by using EasyEditor.

Please note: we can't upload your own HTML for building a campaign. You'll need to provide us with the content for your campaigns by either sending us your current abandoned cart email or a mock-up email we can copy from.

What type of information can I display in my abandoned cart email?

Your DMS will apply advanced personalisation to display the values shown below (you can find this in the JSON breakdown).

Product details Cart details
SKU Currency
Name Subtotal
Description Discount amount
Category Tax amount
Other (any string value, e.g. colour of the product) Grand total
Unit price Cart URL (this is the link back to your cart)
Sale price  
Total price  
Product URL  
Image URL  

If you require something a little more complex, please speak to your account manager and they can discuss solutions with you (alternatively contact us if you don't know who your account manager is).

What’s included with the automation?

It’s a three-step journey that will trigger emails at intervals specified by you if someone still hasn’t converted their cart.

You can also choose not to enrol someone who’s been enrolled in the last X amount of days.

We'll exit a customer if they convert during the journey.

Next steps (once you’ve purchased)

At this point, you'll have qualified for our abandoned carts module by our Technical Pre-Sales (TPS) team, and we'll be looking forward to having you on board. Your DMS will be in touch to outline what to do next, but in the meantime here’s a brief overview:

  • Your DMS will reach out and arrange a call with you, just to finalise a few details that are needed for our integrations team.
  • A ticket will be created in our support department in which you, your developer/agency, and your DMS will all be assigned. All abandoned cart correspondence is kept on this ticket.
  • Your DMS will provide instructions on setting up a Web Behavior Tracking profile, and provide you with a program ID.
  • You’ll need to send over your email content for up to three campaigns to your DMS
  • Your DMS will build the campaigns while your developer/agency is implementing the scripts on your website. They’ll send the campaigns over for approval from you. We allow for no more than two rounds of amends per campaign.
  • Testing will commence between yours and dotmailer's teams

Things to consider

It's important to consider extra things like multiple websites that you may have, extra regions, plus possible variants and different currencies - all of which fall outside of standard abandoned cart onboarding. TPS will be able to discuss alternative solutions and best practice with you as you progress with the module.

If you’re looking for a more technical overview with accompanying documentation, please check out our abandoned carts section.

Basic service vs full service abandoned carts

Processes and support Basic service Full service 
Qualified by TPS (Technical Pre-Sales)
A dedicated DMS (Digital Marketing Specialist), and third line support agent
Abandoned cart emails created for you
Customised cart information displayed in email
Cart information in email to support non-English languages
Three-step automation built for you
Testing with Engagement Cloud teams and your teams before going live
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