Accessing Engagement Cloud from Microsoft Dynamics


The Automation Studio gives you access to Engagement Cloud from the Microsoft Dynamics connector, saving you time when you need to use both platforms at once.

When your Microsoft Dynamics connector is provisioned, we set up the Automation Studio for you, using OAuth credentials.

Opening the Automation Studio

After the Automation Studio is set up, you can click the AUTOMATION STUDIO button to log in to your Engagement Cloud account and open Engagement Cloud in a new window.

The AUTOMATION STUDIO button is on both the 'Email Campaigns' page and the 'Account Settings' page.

If you're a first-time user you're taken to the Engagement Cloud login page.

On the 'Email Campaigns' page

  1. From the navigation bar in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, go to Marketing > Email Campaigns

  2. Click the AUTOMATION STUDIO button


On the 'Account Settings' page

  1. From the navigation bar in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, go to Settings > Email Accounts

  2. Click the AUTOMATION STUDIO button

First-time users

  1. The first time you use the Automation Studio, you are taken to a login page.

  2. Enter your Engagement Cloud username and password. These credentials are the same ones that you use to log in on our website.
  3. Click Login.

Error Message?

Only mapped users can access the Automation Studio. If you're not a mapped user, an error message is displayed, notifying you that your user account is not set up for OAuth access. Ask your CRM administrator to include you as a mapped user.

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