Customise a resubscribe confirmation email


When an unsubscribed contact is resubscribed, they're asked to verify their resubscription via an automated email that contains a verification link for them to click on. Once clicked, they're subscribed once more and added back to your contacts list.

A default resubscribe confirmation email is used for this, which can be previewed by going to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings and clicking on Preview.

However, you can customise the resubscribe confirmation email by using a triggered campaign instead of the default email. This allows you to add your branding and your own wording to the email, so a recipient can easily recognise that the email has come from you.

Customise resubscribe confirmation emails

To turn on a custom resubscribe confirmation email:

  1. Create a triggered campaign that you want to use as your resubscribe confirmation email

  2. Select Link in the toolbar and insert a Resubscribe link.
  3. Select Save & Continue
  4. Select Generate plain text version to create the plain text version of your email with the resubscribe link.
  5. Select Save & continue or Save again.
  6. Go to Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings, scroll down to the 'Resubscribe settings' section and select the triggered campaign you created to send as your resubscribe confirmation email.

    You can also set a resubscribe action to either show some text or go to a page of your choosing (either your own URL or a landing page) once the contact has clicked the resubscription confirmation link. 

  7. Select Save

Contacts will then get sent your customised resubscribe confirmation email instead of the default one.

You can change back to the default one at any time.

An account can make use of one custom resubscribe confirmation email at a time. All resubscribe confirmation emails sent from the account will use the triggered campaign that's selected in the 'Resubscribe settings' section (under Contacts > Advanced features > Subscription settings).

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